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  1. hello all am looking for a pure grehound dog to put over my bitch if anyone knows of one would rather buy than go to stud notts/lincs/derby/leic area s thanks
  2. shamo28

    Selling Up Top Bloodlines For Sale

    lamping ??? no disrespect but these are no lamping dogs lol
  3. shamo28

    Selling Up Top Bloodlines For Sale

    just an update dogs are all gone barring black bitch 8 month old ....someone said they wanted it and then changed their mind.. thanks
  4. shamo28

    Selling Up Top Bloodlines For Sale

    i have the 16 month old dog and bitch remaining mother is BENJI/BARNEY/PEGGY'S Litter sister vvv good bitch can still do job in winter with broken leg with pins in it ! Father was an old dog called SPOT from Southampton owned by D Mathews It has the GHOST breeding in it also a top dog in day I think this old dog is about 16 yr old Smooth Haired racey looking dogs bitch has been 'locked up' for last 6 months but neither of them would take much bring on ring if interested 07904567556 (genuine dog men only.......NO ARMCHAIR HUNTERS) Thankyou Will try and put pics on later
  5. shamo28

    Selling Up Top Bloodlines For Sale

    the front pic of dog on my profile picture shows the bitch out of DAN thanks
  6. shamo28

    Selling Up Top Bloodlines For Sale

    vary in prices i will happily answer all phone calls
  7. Selling up and going out the dog scene for the time being and have several well bred good dogs for sale all very reasonably priced Genuine reason for this i have some pups that i was going to keep on for the following season that i bred myself out of sister to Benji x CN's Jack nearly pure Merlin & Eve Black/Tan dog Black Bitch Red Bitch 8 month old I also have a dog and bitch out of same mother to a dog with Charlie lines 16 months old I have a red bitch out of BIG DAN to a bitch bred out of the Charlie dog 18 months old Another bitch out of Dan White with patches 2 1/2 yr old A red dog bred out of a bitch out of Charlie 19 months old Never thought I would be placing such an advert but do have a very genuine reason ALL VERY REASONABLY PRICED AS THEY HAVE TO GO Ring for more info No witheld numbers will be answered 07904567556 only genuine dog men only
  8. shamo28


    not done it personally but no someone who has its ok to do it just dont do brother and sister
  9. shamo28


    my dog got stolen last December i had locked pen and a guard dog and they still took it doglost were fantastic and advertised it in the countrymans but no one came forward i now have 2 specially trained german sheppards guarding cctv alarms and other things BUT lurchers and terriers are a lucrative business and a big money business to some and nothing will deter scum if they want your dogs that badly i would give anything to get that dog back and if i can help any way emeera i will
  10. shamo28

    warning thiefs at show and update

    the way of the world now is you do need a guard dog to protect your dogs and be careful who you trust
  11. shamo28

    for sale whippet/greyhound

    If you like it but cant afford it...dont hate the player hate the game. got a greyhound from top honcho in season here now and im good mates with anglsey field whippets who'd put his stud dog over her for nothing so wouldn't need to afford one like i said got my self a proper bred whippet coming in 4 weeks, i'll have to go shop lifting to pay for it if your not interested in buying the dog then dont reply what is this ................my dogs better than your dog ....go back to school any genuine buyers .....this man doesnt have rubbish
  12. shamo28

    Top Class Coursing Pups For Sale

    here is the dog and bitch
  13. shamo28

    Top Class Coursing Pups For Sale

    thanks for the comments everyone