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  1. i always thought you was line bred joe
  2. which the one in the picture on the start of this topic???he sold 2 others also on here this last few weels this makes 3 i tried to get one of him the wh gh saluki for 500 quid
  3. wont get him on the computer now he will be in the shed with the dogs all night freezing his bollox of,
  4. 2 of them would look good on some big entrance gate pillers,esp if you could do them with colliexs
  5. we might have and where in skipton is that any good,
  6. a lot of dogs being nicked at the moment watch em if there any good,
  7. nice dog you have there bud ..........when will you be putting that one up for sale 3 topics 2 dogs for sale and i bet that one will be next
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