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  1. smith v degale is the fight hope smith does the job on him in front of his own crowd... looking forward to the link
  2. as above I am not able to get on here on firefox thought a stop had been put to my account, back on internet explorer and working fine. anyone else having the same if not for you techno minded people what could be the issue? RS
  3. in theory yes, but causing alot more damage, I went there to exercise them and noticed the problem, the licker has become obssessive about it, Thanks for input much appreciated all
  4. unable to separate, talcum powder sounds a good method, covering has been tried but the item just gets torn off. is the Talcum a definite worker
  5. As above, one of my brothers dog has a wound on his back and the other dog hasn't stopped licking at it, re opening the wound, and causing hair loss, looking a site now in all fairness, I've told him to rub a dollop of vaseline on the wound, and also to put something foul smelling around the area but obviously not on the wound, what would be ideal for the situation?? Thanks all
  6. very highly priced, short mot and no tax... what is the least you will take, how is it for rot, where has it been welded whats the mileage, on it??
  7. both look crackers good to see you kpt a pup back
  8. few good lines about mate, but at the end of the day its only a name. Go and find a pup out of worker to worker, forget about names. What do you want the dog for?
  9. Looks like some good permission BP, looks like some fun is to be had in the future,keep at it bud
  10. Hannah your work is immense, truly is. I can only applaud you
  11. hit the nail on the head there proper tight arse..thanks kwm
  12. Who's jerry bud, anyone who can help out asap give me a shout
  13. bang on the money, not a dog - a car..touch wood been sorted out. thanks anyways lads
  14. come on lads and lasses help me out haha
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