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  1. Cheers all. I will/do travel to look for permission, dress and act respectfully, I'm guessing whoever is doing it already, does it properly. Hopefully mine picks up but I'd be willing to pay while it does. Thanks
  2. Evening all, Any of you from around my way, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Oldbury, Dudley? How you getting on so far, I've got absolutely nout?. If anyone needs a hand or wa ta a new ferreting bud, let me know. I've got ferrets, longnets, locators and a Harris hawk almost ready to go. Will pay my way if needs be, money/fine whiskey/welding!! Regards Spencer
  3. Evening all, Not looking for permission!! With a lack of game on my ground, I'm looking to get a bit of hunting with ferrets and hawk in exchange for an experience day out with hawks. I have my own ferrets, hawk, collars, long nets and insurance. West Midlands based. Pm if you are interested. Kind regards
  4. Must be something else to hit numbers like that. Well done!!
  5. Evening all, As I sit here contemplating my next move, other than knocking on doors, What would be your next move if your flying/ferreting ground had all but dried up?
  6. Anyone know where I can get a new stock for a pedretti 20g folding hushpower from? Regards
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has above rifle, uses it with good effect? I'm looking for a fac air in .22, nothing special as long as it's straight and shoots well and doesn't cost a fortune, seen 1 mint, 25ftlb, scoped for £195?
  8. 12g e rizzini sideplate, Wood in good condition, Barrels clean inside, Wear on outside due to in and out slip and usual knocks on cabinet, Used regularly, 28" barrels, 14 1/2" approx pull, Valued at £260 20g pedretti hushpower, Wood ok, Barrels ok, Mod clean with few marks, Shoots well and regularly used at night, Valued at £210 Can email pics on request, Consider swapping both for .22 fac air rifle and scope. West midlands
  9. Bump Comes with 3 boxes of cartridges, £230
  10. Pedretti 20g hushpower, Fair condition, Shoots well, Brought 1 month ago while waiting for fac £250 West Midlands
  11. Still looking for gun, can pay up to £300 for the right gun, Ideally youth gun but a good gun a must!
  12. Cheers for the heads up malc!! I'll pm you mate
  13. Looking for a cheap 20g for my son to shoot a few clays, as long as it shoots straight and not too battered I don't mind! West Midlands area Pm details
  14. 12g Over and under multi choke (4 chokes) Gun has seen very little use. Ideal all round gun for clays or pigeons. Nice side plates and good wood. Gun is only a year old £375 or genuine offers Would like it gone today as want another gun Can sent pics via text or email
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