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    hunting with 22lr, .17hmr and .243, range days ,pidgeon & crow shooting,rabbiting and foxing.
    Oh and sea fishing on my mates boat.
  1. Yes I've heard they ain't worth di** especially for the price and amount of rounds you get for them tbh mate.
  2. If you make this person aware they are known to your presence hopefully they'll disappear into the shadows from which they came never to be heard of again.
  3. Some young twenty something or in there late teens who has no experience but has seen too much bear grylls no doubt!...make up a card stating youce found his/her snares and they are illegally working the land and leave them marked where he left the snares, sounds like a chancer to me.
  4. Good informative answers , I guess some just like to tinker around.
  5. Well I wasn't trying to sway you from your initial intention as its more than a good idea and is a great way of hunting multiple species, there is no one tool for all just a tool that is more suited and I believe that the rimmies were mentioned merely as a suggestion...it certainly was meant that way from me
  6. Well said unless you are doing what the Americans tend to do which is driven rabbit shoots, personally I think you'd be better off getting a rimfire and separating your shooting techniques as although its good enough for the job a rimfire is better!
  7. As Dan said joesutton its fine mate just ask in the store what they should recommend for rabbits mate and they'll tell you or should tell you what you'll hear on here.
  8. Marlin and Winchester are good, tbh some of the new Italian reproductions arnt suppose to be too bad at all, read up on them off the internet bud and I'm sure you'll find info off of them on which to avoid. Obviously some will say one more than the other but then I think personnel preference will come into account with a lot as well.
  9. With most CF if it won't go through straight away with bullets on the same impact spot they will eventually
  10. Very nice work bud!..you should be fine with the .22lr but if using a cf I would of had cut out holes with a removable patch in the holes of lighter material as it will be replaceable, sorry if I seem to pick holes (no pun intended ) as I'm sure I wouldn't be capable of doing a job as good myself. Anyways keep us posted with some of the after effects and how it holds up.
  11. I guess it depends then, it isn't much dearer brand new tbh...I guess the choice is yours but cover your a** either way.
  12. Very true, how are any of us are to know the thought behind any of the illogical/logical thought behind many of there views though.
  13. Hmmm I'd personally go for the cz in .223 depending on the condition, don't feel comfortable buying 2nd hand unless I know where it comes from (not completely restricted to firearms) ...are they new or 2nd hand again?
  14. Well it certainly seems that in a lot of the upper echelons of our sport as well mike.
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