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Found 660 results

  1. Ay up lads, Are there any Staffordshire Lads about that are willing to come shoot on my permission and also for me to shoot on theirs? I have roughly 300 Acers available and more on the way with a wide range of game. get back to me if your interested, thanks Joe
  2. http://jobs.cestria.org/cestria/Search/Vacancy/Field2394-BuildingServices/1/1541058/Grounds%20Maintenance%20Operative%20Chester-le-Street%20England.html
  3. Hi All. New here but looking to make some friends. Been on other forums a long time. I have a 234 acre area in the midlands which I am looking to share with people with air, shotgun or ferrets (very interested in ferrets) and the rabbit problem is profuse - I need help! Land is in the process of being cleared for .22lr and 17HMR but i've been told this is a 2-3 week wait. I would like to share this with you if you can share one of your permissions (when you see fit, no permission stealing) - FAC rated to .22lr if possible. I have air and shotgun but my FAC application is held up by waiting for my large permission to be cleared (I was told it already was) so using your permission to speed this up whilst sharing mine with you would be a good deal. I do have other permissions but not really big enough for .22lr or 17hmr. Thanks guys.
  4. Want 3 teams for full day SUNDAY 8am start,could lead to more oppertunites to the right guys with the right gear,text 07880498975 SOORY BUT NOW ONE WHO HAS BEEN IN ANY SORT OF TROUBLE. Dave
  5. We have two pegs available on our shoot syndicate for the 2015/16 season Please contact us via our shoot website below for further information www.dunteigeshoot.com
  6. BASC are proud to announce they are running a 4 day BASC Shotgun Coach workshop on 24th March 2015. This course will be held at BASC headquarters, Marford Mill, Wrexham. Once gained, this award will enable you to deliver practical shooting advice and tuition. BASC realises there is a demand for a formal training scheme from those who wish to coach at shows and events on behalf of BASC as well as others who want to obtain the award purely for their own benefit. The 4 day workshop, followed by 6 additional hours mentoring, registration for Unit 9 of the Edexcel Level 3 Award (in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Learning and Development) and the assessments conducted in a real environment is all included in the price of £1112. In order to register on this course you will need to have gained your BASC Safe Shot and BASC Shotgun Safety Officer awards and you must have some previous experience of shotgun coaching. For more information or to be registered on our waiting list for future courses please email jane.hatton@basc.org.uk or telephone the BASC Sporting Services department on 01244 573018.
  7. Hi chaps, New to the forum and looking to meet guys and gals in my local area Who are in need of a hand, carrying equipment or cleaning kit, or company on a shoot. Hoping to meet as many of my local shooters as possible. I am starting to knock doors. But it is definitely who you know not so much what. So in my book start at the bottom and maybe someone will help me out in return. Cheers all.
  8. Hi, we've a few small hounds that we drive woods & cover to standing guns or lurchers!! If anyone needs any woods & cover driving pm me!! usually a great day of sport!! Cheers lads!!
  9. Hi all, as above I have some pigeon shooting available on a farm in llanvapley Abergavenny. I do not know how to build a hide or decoy or shoot pigeons at all basically but can shoot well with a shotgun- would like someone to teach me how to pigeon shoot with all the associated bits and bobs tactics etc in return for a day out and you can keep all the pigeons we shoot. As long as you are fairly experienced and can actually teach me something! Lol Not massive amount of pigeons but I have a 10 acre ish field around barns and a 23 acre field both just grass at the moment- also a small wooded area and another couple of acres dotted around the farm where they roost I beleive. May be other provisions such as foxing at night with my HMR but I only have a crappy night vision spotter and looking to get a NM800 this pay day. So yer if any of you fancy teaching a young new FAC holder how to pigeon shoot and fox hunt for a few days out of good sport and maybe a roast dinner if my nan is feeling generous then give me a shout! PS to anyone wondering it is my grandfathers working farm so would only be allowed on when I am there on a prearranged date! Also I have a beretta a400 and a p/a shotgun and the standard .22lr and .17hmr Cheers, Mitch
  10. I am off cover head shoot north Yorkshire in the morning any one lives near me can come along if they pay fuel money any interest
  11. 1 place available from April 2014 for challenging sika deer stalking in the Scottish Borders. The area covers approx 3000 acres of hill and arable ground with a couple of small pockets of woodlands. Good population of sika deer present, plus occasional roe. Serious enquiries only. Please PM me for more details if interested.
  12. I'm off out for a mooch about tomorrow if anyone fancys a walk drop me a PM
  13. Hi there, anyone with a farm/yard in the chelmsford area needing a bit of free labour for a shooting swap please get in contact.. Am out of work at the moment and looking for something to do while I wait for interviews! Am fairly handy have spent a lot of time on farms as a kid and don't mind getting my hands dirty! Might be nothing out there but worth an ask! Atb Ade
  14. Hi I am looking for a shooting partner around the Cannock area. I am looking to start a shoot this evening. Must be insured, Have land to take me on in exchange for shooting on my land, Must not be a complete dickface and sensible when it comes to shooting. Message me for more info Dave
  15. Hey Guys, Im a qualified Quantity Surveyor and Construction Manager. If anybody needs help with quoting for work etc etc just drop me a bell. I also look after all chas, iso etc for my current company so can also help out with this if needed.
  16. We're short of lads with good dogs that will work cover for Friday 2nd pm me for more details cheers
  17. i have a days pigeon shooting available on some rape at the moment its blue but wont be back until the 2nd as away tomo if anyone local wants a days shooting let me know and ill sort ya out
  18. We have some rabbits hopping round my field that would like to meet a ferret. They are in the outskirts of Ely, Cambs. If you wish to exercise your ferret then let me know
  19. just a little hello peeps been away for a while due to family bereavment and robbed by wife /ex decided to move back to my home town of gravesend would appeciate any shooting oppurtunitys in the area of kent as my permissions in sussex is just too far with work taking up majority of my time not to fussed whether im shooting or just tagging along just need to get out in the field with like minded people so let us know would be highly appreciated. just to add my proffession is a floorlayer and would be more than happy to repay the favour. atb craig
  20. My other half is a self employed shepherd available for an early lambing jan to feb
  21. any of you ferreting/dog men fancy coming out with me and my lad to ferret under our cast of harris hawks , we dont use nets only ocassionaly ,we mainly do hedgerow on our permission , anybody interested message me , either on our permission or yours , we will also let you fly the birds aswell while we ferret , both birds are cracking hunters on anything that moves cheers bri
  22. Hi guys just bought a new air rifle not had 1 in a few years now, i no im going to struggle getting permissions again so wondered if anyone had any land they need taking care of or a buddy till im back on my feet again cheers in the west yorkshire area
  23. Hi guys, Always looking for a few extra terriers to come out with us when we go ratting, the more the merrier and it's always a good laugh. PM me your details and i can give you a call up next time we go. Matt
  24. Mobile diagnostics and fault code reading Can reset ecus , flash new ecu Regenerate dpfs Code injectors New keys Located Lincolnshire
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