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  1. Shame that people knock Jagd Terriers. I have a Jagd Terrier X Patterdale that does everything above ground; stalking, retrieving, flushing, wild fowling, blood trails... Those who haven't got the ability to train a dog correctly will just keep buying dogs and getting rid of them at will. You only ever get out what you put in...
  2. Or has too much choice? Just give him raw meat for a few days, if he doesn't eat it he'll soon get hungry! If i gave my dog cooked sunday roast everyday i'm pretty sure he wouldn't touch raw either!
  3. My jack has them paunched and skinned but with heads on and chopped in half (front and back), he seems to eat the heads first. As a treat when prepping he gets the hearts kidneys and livers :-)
  4. I rang the vet to ask the cost and they said £30 to see the vet and then about £30-50 for the antibiotics depending on the type. I said that I don't need to see the vet I just need the antibiotics, nope, I have to see the vet. I've got pet plan but that's good for sold all with the £90 excess!
  5. Have shaved it, washed it, and am now using the good'old TCP cream on it. Will keep an eye on it then thanks
  6. Anyone got some antibiotics I could buy for my terrier? Got a bit of a puncture wound to his back leg and want to take precautionary measures. Thanks
  7. So then guys, these things have just hit the market and I'm wondering if anyone has tried one. http://obtain.thermal.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RW-AAA http://www.amazon.co.uk/Seek-Thermal-Reveal-Handheld-Flashlight/dp/B017NN0HQS/ref=cm_cr_pr_sims_t/277-5661252-3761119 What i'm interested in is the range of this unit and does the lack of focus make it a waste of time for vermin detection? How does it compare to the Flir ONE?
  8. And go careful shooting a fox with a pellet gun, it's not up to the job.
  9. Hi guys, What (and where) is the cheapest place to buy the ATN X-sight in the UK, either the 3x or the 5x model. My partner is also going out to the USA at the end of this month so i was going to see if she could pick one up and bring it back for me, but are there any export/import restrictions on night vision scopes etc...? Many thanks
  10. Surprised no1 has mentioned the nissan terrano. I hs a 2.4 petrol (thirsty) but it was very good off road. Great bit of kit for shooting. The 2.7 diesel is meant to be even better.
  11. Avoid the 1.8 petrol like the plague!!! My old man had one, looked after it religiously. Never off loaded it, never drove fast,...... yet it's head gasket went. The 1.8 petrol is a BAD engine. It's the same engine from the MGF 1.8 that also had loads of problems. Do yourself a favour and keep an eye out for a diesel.
  12. What's the barrel like and does it group tidy at 35yards? Mine has 10 shot adapter and two mags. Mine is the upgraded stock, which i'd keep along with the air reservoir (regulated). Is the breach the same regardless of 177/22? Maybe worth swapping barrels and magazines. (obviously we would both need to retune to ensure under 12ft pounds) Then we get to keep our own guns.
  13. Best bet is to swap the rifle with someone who wants a 22. What's the condition of yours? I have a 177 S200 and would rather a 22 for close range ratting.
  14. It might be better to sell it and buy one that's already fac?
  15. And here's the problem once again. The law is never black and white and is sometimes down to interpretation (discretion) by the officer dealing. Deerman, i bet that made you popular on Day1!!! The whole reason for this post was my dog was going ape sh!t at the back door yesterday, so i let him out. 5 minutes later he came back in and wouldn't settle down so i checked the CCTV, this is what i found. The cat got away as it fit through the iron gate, the dog needs to eat less...
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