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  1. Offer a cash reward for info for the where abouts of the pups or names of the b*****ds that's taken them!! ...."money talks"...... & if you get any names, let me know & I'm sure we can all get together & pay these pieces of shit a little visit...
  2. Bellman & Flint wanted!! Pm details!!!!!
  3. Bellman & Flint terrier locator wanted!! Pm details please!!!
  4. Beagle x spaniel bitch wanted!! Pm details please!!
  5. Any beagle x spaniel bitches for sale? Working or may consider pup,but must be out of 100% grafting parents!!
  6. Thanks for the PM Blackbuck!! Can't wait to bump into you!! Let's see if your the big man then!!
  7. Surprise suprise!! Guess whose ruined an harmless topic yet again!! Black buck!!
  8. Wasn't "ultravox" a group that had a hit with "you mean nothing to me, oh Vienna??? Or have they gone into developing locators now?
  9. I've heard from someone who knows him well & he told me he'd sell you anything & he buys in from other people & puts his name to them!!! I'm not knocking the guy but I'd like to know what & from what I'm getting!!
  10. Thanks for the comments guys!! I will probably try & get myself a couple of BN stuff instead!! The earths near me are scrapped out rabbit holes, so needed something small.... Had some years back & couldn't fault them, but the guy I got them off packed in..... Can anybody put me in touch with anyone whose using good BN gear?? PM please!!
  11. Anyone work S Ellis bred terriers?? What do you think of them?
  12. Does anyone know what the claim excess is for ccc3?? It's £250 for SACS!! Cheers!!
  13. Thanks guys!!! If we join SACS or Countryside alliance, Will we be covered for flushing to guns & terrier work etc?
  14. Thanks mate!! Is there any other way of registering a small gun pack with any organisation?? Are you still registered? Cheers!!
  15. Hi does anybody know if Neil dewhurst still runs the memberships for gun packs?? Ive been out the game for a good few years & don't know if it's still going!! Cheers!!
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