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  1. some days still available pm for details
  2. hes 7 month old now chevinfox but that pic was taken about 3 months back
  3. picking up team with a new boy
  4. aluminium round pie dishes show up great at 100 yds day or night, and you get t eat the pies
  5. dirty disgusting smelly basturts and the goats arnt much better
  6. I got the apex lrf bud the range finders handy on it
  7. xq50 got it about 3 weeks ago clear as a bell shot 8 foxes to date with it the furthest being 230 yds , just click on that pip and you cant go wrong
  8. I sure have , just see your butcher about buying the pie cases its much easier, mince your venison and 10% back fat to meat, add tongmaster scotch pie mix but instead of adding just water add the same amount but with 2 oxo cubes and ground black pepper to your own own taste, once its mixed leave it in the fridge over night to let the spices work there magic and then fill your shells stick em in the oven at 200 for 30 minuets ..enjoy
  9. done 30 of these last week
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