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  1. how would you know it's half way up the turbine when you have no judgment of distance call me what you will lads wonder why people don't post there outings on here
  2. This is a hedging and not trees I was kneeling while taking photo making it look like there bigger than they are
  3. I don't use puller over expensive for us what I do use is the cheapest pigeon conditioner I can get £10 a bag 15kg full of aniseed and maze I only put it on my boundary drives yes it isn't as strong as the puller but you will see the difference also on my boundary drives we are pulling wild pheasant off a peat moor so we streach the spring I have been many morning and seen wild birds looking at spring and pecking very reluctantly with a pulled spring the slightest touch you get a good fall no good in hi volume areas but works on boundaries for us . Cheers kev
  4. Great topic what Broodies are you lads using I rear around 200 English each year under Sussex x banties bald feet type I did rear under silkie x old English game but the feet were feathered and smothered a lot of the small chicks in the first few days has any one else had this . Cheers kev
  5. We shoot twice a week between me and my friend 120 bird day each duck and partridge are sold to local pubs but are pheasants are Kansas cross and there just skin and bone but good flyers so we boil them up and mince them make dog food my 8 haven't had dry food since start of season and everyone in village with ferrets come and get a bucket full yes it's labour intensive but if we don't start utilising the game that's been shit it will be the demise of all shoots.
  6. It's nice when it works out. just shows all hard work with keeping them down while the birds were young didn't take them long to move back in
  7. Good wind last night had me on my toes so morning arose and I was out with the old boy. Going to all the known spots was a fail so turned him loose to run aside the truck just coming to a small dyke I seen a little spoil no more than a small bucket full and the old dog was senting in the long grass but couldn't work out which way it had gone so called him up and turned on his collar and walked him 15 20 ft to the hole on looking I said to myself rabbit but the dog said otherwise. 30 seconds in bump a vixen bolted and was despatched. With being only a one holer I waited for him to rise only to feel the ground below rumble I waited for him to settle and a short wait I had 0.6 on the box. It felt like I was ferreting it was that shallow. Breaking through he was there Baying like a trooper to a good size dog fox. Not a testing morning my any shape or form but a good morning all the less.

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    12 bore Winchester sx3 in good condition don't use it and need the space £550 Doncaster



  9. View Advert Winchester sx3 composit 12 bore Winchester sx3 in good condition don't use it and need the space £550 Doncaster Advertiser farmerkev09 Date 21/11/17 Price £550.00 Category Shotguns  
  10. Does anyone know of someone who custom builds stocks I want to upgrade the wood on my gun and seen some beautiful blanks on eBay but don't know we're to start when it comes to fitting and shaping. Can anyone shine some light on it cheers kev
  11. brilliant show really enjoyed it not a falconer but interesting and good to promote the sport tab kev
  12. Me and a friend are looking for some more shooting for this season if any one on here has any available or knows of any places free would be very great full Yorkshire area willing to travel
  13. Ye he is coming to see him in the week busy as hell lambing at minute not got a lot of time on are hands cheers
  14. sorry for the late pictures been busy with work many thanks kev
  15. I have a 18 month old Lakeland x Lakeland x Wheaton this was pick of litter off my Lakeland dog i have reduced my digging commitments due to lack of time and no fault of his own he is a powerful dog and knows his job he has been dug to last season half a dozen times and was at his quarry everytime he has a soft broken coat that takes some maintaining so I have shaved him as he is a big dog with jacket on I will send pictures over shortly £300 Doncaster
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