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  1. Scottishdeer

    Roe Doe And Red Hind Stalking - Perthshire

    All, That's all hind dates booked now. Possibly some availability for does after feb 15th. Will post an advert soon for roe bucks starting April. Thank you for all the interest.
  2. Scottishdeer

    Roe Doe And Red Hind Stalking - Perthshire

    Hi Michael, Generally speaking it would encompass the whole day (8-4) at the moment, getting out there for first light and taking it from there is the usual. Also if hinds are shot then extraction needs to be done in daylight so it depends how successful you are at what time in the morning. Any more questions please get in touch, Regards, Scottishdeer
  3. Scottishdeer

    Roe Doe And Red Hind Stalking - Perthshire

    Hi Perthshire keeper, Based east of A9 near Pitlochry. Cheers
  4. Scottishdeer

    Its Not Raining This Morning ..!

    Good morning you had. I had a similar one but out in the Perthshire hills.
  5. A small sole trader company offering limited personal deer stalking experiences tailored to all levels of experience. We are based on a Perthshire estate and can offer flexible days at Roe and Red deer (potential Fallow as well). Level 2 Approved Witness stalking is also availabe that can count towards your Deer Management Qualification portfolio. The stalking is mainly out on the moorland hills which is challenging and very rewarding but can also include farmland and forestry. The scenery is stunning and weather can be changeable. Access is via 4 x 4 and quad and encompasses over 3,500 acres of Perthshire's finest hill range with the largest nearby town being Pitlochry. Estate rifle is available. £120 per day - unlimited numbers - usually due to fitness of client, weather and location of reds. Last 2 days totaled 6 red hinds, 2 roe does and 1 fallow doe. Flexible with dates between now and end of March. After that the bucks start. This estate does very limited client days that only started last year. Please email - scottishdeer@live.com More information available at www.scottishstalking.co.uk
  6. Scottishdeer

    Neoprene Dog Vest

    Hi there, I use camo neoprene jackets for both my working spaniels in winter. They are deer dogs and it protects them against rough heather, brambles etc. also breaks up their colour a bit so they are not as obvious.
  7. Scottishdeer

    The Coypus Are Back...

    Good shot and video. In France do you have the racoon dog yet? Saw some in Germany last year! They seem a real menace.
  8. Scottishdeer

    Red Deer Again

    Nice video as usual glogin.
  9. Scottishdeer

    Advice Wanted On Roe Sacks

    Poppins sika sacks are the best I have seen. Can fit a sika or 2/3 small roe. Not sure if she has a website but hand makes them to order. Harkila sack is also good. It's tidy looking and has zipped pockets, if it fails send it back to harkila and they will replace it.
  10. Scottishdeer

    Starting On Hunting Life

    Thanks for the welcoming messages guys. Look forward to using the site .
  11. Scottishdeer

    Starting On Hunting Life

    Hi there, Just joined hunting life and looking forward to contributing to threads and offering stalking days/packages in highland Perthshire. Full time deer manager on hill and forest, mainly red and roe. All the best, Scottishdeer