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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    As above looking for a wire haired teckel / dash pup. Thanks Ross.


  2. Wanted : Wire haired teckel / dachshunds View Advert As above looking for a wire haired teckel / dash pup. Thanks Ross. Advertiser sterls Date 24/07/21 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock  
  3. Currently reading Judas Pig, chap called Hourace Silver. At of all the hardman/gansgter genre books this one seems the best so far.
  4. Dad was a clay shooter so that got me interested into the gun side of things. Used to spend summer holiday down my best mates pumping lead into his bottom fence with targets up with the BSA Meteor. Said friends grandad was a part-time gamekeeper so naturally that progressed into going about with him for a bit. We used to go squirreling and rabbiting with the air rifles. It has just gone on from there really. One of my best memories as one school holiday we camped over in a caravan next to the main pen (year before the antis let all the birds out at the event that was being held on the land). W
  5. Interesting replies lads, thanks. I think it's confirmed what I thought, definately achievable as we will be dedicated to him/her and make sure it gets the walks/attention needed. Will keep a eye on here and the local feeds newsletter adverts and see what comes up.
  6. How many people on here work full-time and have a lurcher? Me and the missus really want a dog but the house will be empty from 8-5.30. Obviously the dog would get a walk on the morning and a good walk / mooch inthe evening, and long walks at the weekend. Could this be feasable? Could a Beddy/whippet be content in a kennel during the day? I'm really smitten on the idea of going for a mouch and having a small lurcher dog to catch a rabbit or 2 and whatever else. I love reading the stories on here and seeing the pictures, it just makes me want to get out and have my own stories!
  7. Sell pumps to a number of industries. Our pumps are used to get the oil out!
  8. Was also in Layer Cake which is a cracking film.
  9. Hi everyone, my names is Ross love all things countrysport - be it fishing, shooting, mooching. Love reading about all the subjects and stories on here and the different articles in Countrymans Weekly. Ultimately would love to own a BOP (lovely lil' male Harris would be fine) with the missus working a Pointer or Spaniel, but working the the 8.30-5.30 daily grind is stopping us going ahead with our dream. Hey ho one day maybe, will stick at the beating on the local shoot, walks out with the mum's terrier with the catty or trips down to Kibworth on the clays! Cheers Ross
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