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  1. Just wondering how the travel bans and galileo have affected the lads who still like to run big ears
  2. Passion for coursing ,all 3 books for sale vgc, if anybody interested £60 plus postage
  3. Whats in the breeding? Nice looking pup,will it get the work it was bred for? Hope it comes good for the lad,it's like Christmas come early
  4. WTF has trainers got to do with original post about Forley cup winners? Sympathise with you jake2580,plenty of good travellers,but when the scum move in they f**k it up for everybody
  5. Hi mate, how much do you want for all three incl. postage,cheers
  6. Have you got passion for coursing 1-3, if you have how much do you want for them? Cheers
  7. Quick update,signed dog over,but now I've got half a bag of biscuits left, Has anybody got a young,well bred coursing dog they don't want,can you keep it til Sept.til season starts? Must be free,I'll give it a good home til I get mithered by authorities then I'll be looking for another
  8. Good on yer,don't let the b*****ds win,all best for next season ,hope the young dogs do you proud, but the job will never be like it was
  9. They didn't find it ,the dog hid it before we got to cop shop
  10. Understand where your coming from,I could put up with loss of a car but to lose a dog that I put time and money into would finish me, No way of replacing years of breeding to let them be confiscated and put in pet homes or pts
  11. Once upon a time in Lah Lah land,I decided to take my old retired coursing saluki cross for a bit of exercise on the local park,with ground being a bit soft I decided to put my hunter wellies and barbour jacket on After hour or so I decided to head for home,at the exit to the park I was confronted by a woman and two coppers ,I was told I was being arrested on suspicion of hare coursing and taken to local nick Couple of hours later,I was let out ,but they told me my dog, phone and wellies were in the hands of rspca who were gonna check mud on my dogs toes and my wellies against sampl
  12. Real nice pair of pups,how's the coloured one bred? Does it never bother you that all the work you put in they could be took off you if you're caught, It would be the end for me Fair play to you,I only give up 5year ago due to health and loss of a good dog.
  13. Any updates on how iww is doing? Never met him,but he comes across as a real genuine bloke Wtsh him all the best,hope he gets sorted and back out with a dog soon
  14. Nice looking team,should do well for you this winter if you can get the runs for them
  15. Who owned Mazie out of Splodges litter? What colour was she?,Just interested cos I saw most of the litter run years ago and owned one
  16. How's its litter sister doing? Not seen any updates about it for a while You'll have some fun with that one when it's older,it looks to be a proper character
  17. As always top class filming,if I could find that much gear local I'd be owning THE top dog
  18. What a lucky pup that is!! 2 great teachers not many get such a good start atb
  19. Three smart looking animals you have there,nice age as well
  20. Double of mine when she was a pup. IMG_0105.JPG He is John Bonny pup, she still on the go? 2007 that pic, so 11 now? Atb Maths ain't up to much,hope you don't count rabbits like that!! lol
  21. Good start,can't wait til you and wigan red get em going Should be good read and pics
  22. Bonny pup,should make good uns,yours and iww He might have the upperhand wi Nell teaching his
  23. That bitch is a credit to you,Ihope she performs as well as she looks when you start running her properly
  24. seen one before,best advice is whack it with spade then bury it
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