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  1. Of penny x milo the cream and cream and white 18 months brindle of lucky brother of Robins willow to a paddy s bread bitch
  2. We'll lads is there any comps to look forward for this year
  3. Lovely bitch I like that benji breeding I have pups here of Milo son of benji
  4. Wats the story with the Irish competition does anybody no
  5. your right a lot of the time when its big names people always think good dogs. there some very good dogs out there that people keep it on the low and there right
  6. I've never seen them run in person only one DVD lucky was a machine. Fettle foxy Blondie all top class
  7. We'll lads I no there has been some top class animals in UK over the years so what's the best u have seen dog or bitch
  8. Wat age now Jim and hight 2 of my pups died Jim ate slugs pellets. In naibours garden
  9. What would you feed a lurcher on a daily basis. And how many times a day
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