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  1. Pup I kept back from my last litter, she’s 8 months old.
  2. My bitch hunts up fairly well but the cover is thick and nothing feeds to far out.
  3. Can't go wrong with the Lohmann brown, seen a lot of commercial flocks do 320 eggs per bird easy up to 72 weeks.
  4. Old MH from Durham often lost all his birds to thieving b******s, yet was still one of the top men in the country when we flew.
  5. Nice looking birds vfr400boy, my old man and I won the AERC Old bird competition back in the early 90's with mainly Bob Brown of Walsall breeding, always have a soft spot for the rollers.
  6. Could be a form of IB, if you can get hold of some oxytetracycline (OTC) dose them and any other fowl you have knocking around. ATB
  7. I've found the best thing for mite and other sundries is diesel, can taint your eggs so be careful when applying near your nest boxes.
  8. Country fresh pullets are always worth a try they rear loads with full vaccination programs, if they have some left over from a big order you can pick them up at a decent price.
  9. Could be an IB challenge, have you vaccinated? IBQX can effect oviduct development yet the ovaries are functional and look normal, if your birds are layers you can end up with blind layers in birds that look nice and healthy. Hope it's nothing. Mr Tibbs
  10. Best thing to use is diesel, its got a good residual that can help stop them coming back as it gets in all the cracks and places red mite like to hide better then other products. Can taint the eggs a bit so don't use around your nest boxes. ATB Mr Tibbs
  11. Cheers breeze, the search continues. ATB Mr Tibbs
  12. I would go with Lohmans over warrens or try and get some Bovan Browns, they lay a slightly smaller egg but commercially they are looking at 300 eggs a bird per flock easy and seem a hardier breed then either lohman or hyline (on free range units). Try and find a local producer who is depleting the flock soon and you can pick them up cheap, moult them out and they are good to go again. Best of luck.
  13. Lol, thanks for the help gents. This was posted in the wrong section please accept my apologies it should have been in the introductions area. ATB Mr Tibbs
  14. Did anyone watch the Westmead program on Sky sports the other week? It was mentioned in the film a documentary filmed in the 80's following a litter of pups bred by the savvas from birth till there 1st race, has anyone seen this or know where to watch it online I've had a look but cant find anything. ATB Mr Tibbs
  15. Can you post pictures? Would be interested.
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