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  1. Patterd Ales

    I Didn't Half Swear.

    My mate saidI wonder what happens if I fire two balls at once? In an instant he was bleeding and swearing. Thats what happens then, poor b*****d! We wont try that again.
  2. Patterd Ales

    Your First Wage Packet..

    YTS estate worker in 96. The estate got £12 a day for me, they gave me £10 a day. Best year of my life, would drop everything to do it again.
  3. Patterd Ales

    Rat Shooting.

    Very impressive! What bands are they?
  4. Patterd Ales

    Spalted Ppsg Natty

    Bet that feels lovely in the hand. I am planning to copy a Haresplitter in wood soon.
  5. Patterd Ales

    Spalted Ppsg Natty

    Bloody hell! Wonderful work Sir. Bet that took a while.
  6. Patterd Ales

    Few Modified Torques I Made Today

    Lovely frames those fella.
  7. Patterd Ales

    Purse Net Making...

    Got to be proper hemp , no nylon nonsense for me.
  8. Patterd Ales

    Anyone Know Where Midnight Is?

    Likewise. Wish I had bought another from him.
  9. Patterd Ales

    Who Wins New Or Old ?

    That's where I spent the winter beating! Hilarious.
  10. Patterd Ales

    Net Making..........first Attempt.

    I reckon hemp must be far superior. I have never worked spun poly but it is hateful stuff. Hemp is lovely to work with. Just rough on your paws.
  11. Patterd Ales

    Net Making..........first Attempt.

    Keep it up mate. I was taught by a lovely Welsh keeper when I was a lad. I still have the playing card gauge he gave me. I make some every few years but have always forgotten the process in between. Hemp twine only for me! Any pictures fella?
  12. Patterd Ales

    Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats.

    I thought they were new too! Great stuff.
  13. Patterd Ales

    Moon ?

    Also, that star you are looking up at may no longer exist. Could be long gone.
  14. Patterd Ales

    Favourite Cider

    As much as I visit any pub to be honest. Good beer selection which helps. You local Cushy?
  15. Patterd Ales

    Favourite Cider

    That pub is the Salutation at Ham. They have a small brewery out the back and do jolly good cheese and onion butties!