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  1. My mate saidI wonder what happens if I fire two balls at once? In an instant he was bleeding and swearing. Thats what happens then, poor b*****d! We wont try that again.
  2. YTS estate worker in 96. The estate got £12 a day for me, they gave me £10 a day. Best year of my life, would drop everything to do it again.
  3. Very impressive! What bands are they?
  4. Bet that feels lovely in the hand. I am planning to copy a Haresplitter in wood soon.
  5. Bloody hell! Wonderful work Sir. Bet that took a while.
  6. Got to be proper hemp , no nylon nonsense for me.
  7. That's where I spent the winter beating! Hilarious.
  8. I reckon hemp must be far superior. I have never worked spun poly but it is hateful stuff. Hemp is lovely to work with. Just rough on your paws.
  9. Keep it up mate. I was taught by a lovely Welsh keeper when I was a lad. I still have the playing card gauge he gave me. I make some every few years but have always forgotten the process in between. Hemp twine only for me! Any pictures fella?
  10. Patterd Ales

    Moon ?

    Also, that star you are looking up at may no longer exist. Could be long gone.
  11. As much as I visit any pub to be honest. Good beer selection which helps. You local Cushy?
  12. That pub is the Salutation at Ham. They have a small brewery out the back and do jolly good cheese and onion butties!
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