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  1. Or 3/16 or a 1/4 more like it
  2. 3/8 or 1/4 couldn't see us stretching 1/2 inch.
  3. Thanks for that phill, interesting. had the full machine, pedal powered, and one converted to electric. now just the head with 16 guage and 12 guage roll turn over heads with pin fire fitting so. Some age. Reg. john.
  4. Never got into smoking that way, must have saved a fortune.
  5. They went BOOM, lots of smoke but breezy so no problem getting a second shot of. killed well the ones that got in the way of the shot column. Some of the guns tried them and were impressed.
  6. Removed till we get back to some normality, so could be a long time. its not eating anything.
  7. View Advert Miroku 6000 o/u 12 guage Selling as gone to a lighter gun. 26 inch choked 1/4 1/4, broad sporting rib and adjustable but pad. tidy looking gun from outside but barrels light pitted end to end. has had some stick but lots of life left, ideal pigeon hide or rough shooting. ejectors work fine. £150 or swap decent air rifle, face to face certificate a must. Dn11 area Advertiser Snarepeg Date 22/12/20
  8. Yes it came of a Lightwood and son pedal powered so could have been late 1800s
  9. Just a few for Thursday pheasants, 30 gram 6s, just hope there's a bit of wind to help get the second shot away (should I need it) the spinner head is pre WW1 and still makes a nice job.
  10. Well got the same coffee tea and sugar set at least
  11. G&T got my attenshion the strag looks good also. Happy stretching .
  12. Graham. Have 12 bore parts from a Bair, taken over by Pacific or hornaday ?and am sure interchangeable. can check as have a 266. reg. john
  13. I reload spreader wads for full choke at close range, gives a sleet pattern when you require it. cut the barrel down years ago for same reason,
  14. Just picked one up in 177. it shoots spot on now I have removed the Titan spring for a standard one.
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