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  1. Snarepeg

    Home made shot.

    Shot size mainly depends on size of hole in dripper, but can also alter bigger or smaller slightly with weight of lead above or below dripper. also temperature can alter it slightly. its a learning curve but well worth the effort if you are reloading a fair amount.
  2. Snarepeg

    Home made shot.

    Have made shot with more deviices over the years, some good some bad and some .awfull. using a 150 volt 2 shotdropper from New Zealand borrowed from a friend. its dropping good 5/6 shot but changing the drippers to 7.5 for clays. lead is a mix of sheet and old piping, melted and cleaned and into ingots courtesy of wife's baking trays. Will have go at getting some photos up after tomorrow.
  3. Have started to drop lead shot again. have dropped it for 50 years into Diesle on top of water, then had to go thru the cleaning process which was a pain. have been dropping into fabric liquid, with decent results and easy to wash of. just tried a run with cheap anti freeze and well pleased, it rinses of fine, shot good anough for game or clays . lead sources aren't as good as they used to be but it's keeping me in front on reloading costs. now where's the wife's colander Just need to siv it thru.
  4. No. 209 are not Magnum, just a standard type used in lots of clay/game cartridges. if yours are 209 fine. John
  5. I have a lot of black powder cartridge cases, they have 209 primers fitted so what's good for the factory should be ok.enjoy. John
  6. Snarepeg


    Found a jar with a load of Sten gun heads in,they havnt been fired so either never loaded or dismantled? perhaps a tad heavy but certainly carry a punch,used to dig the 25 yard range out in Germany in 53 and they accounted for a large number of rabbits (pre mixie days) now in the truck ready for disposal via theraband gold
  7. Snarepeg

    Old Ally Ctties..

    Have a variety of shop bought hung up in garage, my shooter is home made, strag cut out of plywood and powered by double theraband gold with a nice soft pouch. a bag of 100 marbles from pound land for practice and 9mm lead ball for meat, works a treat
  8. Snarepeg

    I Didn't Half Swear.

    Yes, did that as well, but used to get 1000s of ball. Bearings from the blacksmiths at the pit, the ones out of belt rollers, they used to repair them then, about. 1/8 inch so carried well, but covered in grease so had to clean them as best we could.happy days
  9. Snarepeg

    I Didn't Half Swear.

    I used to shoot 6/7 small ball bearings at once, ️shot a fair few starlings on the wing, more a ️Shotgun pattern but it worked, had to be carful that they were centralised in the pouch, or OUCH.
  10. Snarepeg

    I Didn't Half Swear.

    Well it's finaly knitted together, got a nice piece of skin jutting up like a forsight, don't think I will use it as such
  11. Snarepeg

    I Didn't Half Swear.

    Well I am not going to try a ️️shot cam on the catapult and re enact. Recon at least another 5/6 weeks before it heals across, Never mind I at least know how and why it happened so will look on it as educational( ouch.)
  12. Snarepeg

    I Didn't Half Swear.

    Yes. Have put tabs on strag, used to use old braces but have used para cord, no abrasion now, a lot better.
  13. Snarepeg

    I Didn't Half Swear.

    Yes, know what you mean. That I can still pull and enjoy is the main thing. Using double T/B gold, still life in it on full stretch, have had some crap stuff in the past. Keep stretching.
  14. Snarepeg

    I Didn't Half Swear.

    The time it takes me to heal about 3 months.
  15. Snarepeg

    I Didn't Half Swear.

    Well, look on the bright side, the rabbit was happy.