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  1. Nice pups them pal, hope they get good homes
  2. Brindle pups has got a new home, he’s gone down to Lincolnshire.
  3. He was ok to talk to on the phone. He didn’t give much away though.
  4. He doesn’t want the pup anymore mate
  5. There won’t be any bunny’s where he’s at there
  6. Glad I don’t deal in them vultures anymore evil creatures
  7. Aye there’s one left. troyboy did message me but he’s never replied to my response.
  8. His parents were but he’s not got any papers or rubbish like that. Just a grafter.
  9. Can use my dog as a stud if you don’t mind travelling
  10. please don’t, I still haven’t got over lambing time this year
  11. That dogs nothing to do with the pups. Just a young dog
  12. I will get him over to you a day or two earlier
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