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  1. Same here, My dad always had me , my sister and my sisters girls all up together to do the decs and tree etc and since my dad passed away I've carried it on.
  2. This is quite interesting to me aswell as I've been taught from day one by my dad to use hold over / under which has done me well for over 20 odd years, but like you I've seen Matt dialing in and just wondered if thats a better way to do it. TBH think it might take me a long time not to just aim higher or lower haha.
  3. Cheers guys. Forum looks and feels good.
  4. Actually, on the remark of another 97, I've never actually had a Pro Sport so that might be an itch I have to scratch.
  5. Cheers guys. I've got to say the Hatsan is doing it's job with regards to getting me back shooting and the art of beathing and follow through etc but ...... I'm thinking it's not for me, it doesn't really come on aim that well, its " twangy " and being as it's synthetic stock is hollow it's heavy for what it is. Going look at a 100k on Saturday , SShhh don't tell the misses. Thinking of another 97k aswell as a xmas prezzie haha
  6. Afternoon all, I've been lurking in the back ground for a little while now but I have now brought another rifle so decided to make myself official haha. Basically been shooting since I was 9 or 10 with my old man teaching me with a Webley Hawk with interchangeable barrel, fast forward 30 odd years I've had various Rifles ranging from Hw 97k's, 80, couple of 95's, 200 HC, then onto PCP going back to the release of the 2 shot raider, couple of S200's , 410, Daystate X2......well you get the idea. Anyway fancied getting back into it after a break of 2 years so brought a Hatsan AT44 off my friend which included a bottle a couple of weeks ago, ( bit " Twangy " but shoots nice) got my self down the range and when I feel comfortable with my abilities again i'm going to get back in touch with my old Perms, fingers crossed and then no doubt get another rifle, thinking HW 100 but we will see. Oh and I'm from sunny Stoke on Trent and down North Wales for a lot of the time aswell ATB Nige
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