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  1. I work full time as a pest controller as many on here do. I have just spoken to the BPCA who have told me thay will need to wait for more information from Natural England before any further comment. If large groups like this are backing away we will need to do it ourselves. I have ladder traps out at the moment covering several fields of ewes and lambs some high on a hillside where the farmer lambs some outside in pens if the weather is fine. I will have to call in today as i do everyday to check the traps but open up the tops to allow any further birds caught after today to escape . Im not looking forward to the conversation with this farmer. Ive signed iwm
  2. iwm


    As a Yorkshireman, labour has been the only party to vote for (before the referendum) but i will never vote for them again!! If someone comes along and gives me and more important my family and grandchildren a chance of a future, my vote will be with them. At the moment ive been left behind by the westminster fools. The house of commons needs to be closed down and stop making us all look like idiots to the rest of the world. iwm
  3. iwm


    Boris, Nigel and Moggy will wait for it all to crumble and start a new Party of the people. could be something to vote for. Iwm.
  4. iwm

    Magpie Call Bird

    Shoot one first, then trap a live one with it.
  5. iwm

    Your favourite film as kid

    Kes, Enter the Dragon, one flew over the cuckoos nest,
  6. I only have 3 golf courses and only do a few domestic mole jobs per year, but i use construction line marking paint instead of markers and if the green keeper cuts the grass you can still see some of the paint and it will not be seen after a few weeks.
  7. iwm


    walked around some of the estate this weekend, still seem to have a good amount of deer on the land.
  8. iwm

    Longnetting at night

    I read most of the posts on here and have been a member of thl for a few years. I work as a pest controller full time and could post every week but dont because the posts will be pulled apart within a few hours which makes the effort to put things on a waste of time IWM
  9. iwm

    Brinded Nets

    He covers the shows and game fairs during the summer. Always used him as he is local to me
  10. iwm

    Brinded Nets

    Try Mick Dadd in Sheffield i will pm you his details
  11. Yes its possible to make a living but be you will need to knock on doors to gain any work in the commercial world so i would start with what you know and work up to R.S.P.H.2. YOU WILL NEED THIS TO BUY ANY STOCK FROM KILLGERM ETC.!!! iwm24.com
  12. iwm

    Xl 8 Lance

    Cant beat the dust stick mines 5 year old and still working fine IWM.
  13. Try bpca/npta iwm or killgerm iwm.
  14. iwm

    Drop Net

    and it needs to be in place for awhile to let the rabbits get used to it being there, its no good setting it up one afternoon and hoping to use it the same night Y.I.S Leeview I sometimes cut timber poles and knock into the ground in front of the hedge or burrows i am going to net for a few days or even a week before i set the net, then just change the poles for the drop net, its worked for me and if any one takes the timber pole you have lost nothing. IWM