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  1. Anyone tried hanwag boots ? A couple of the reviews I've seen rate them above lowa gtx etc.
  2. A phone call is in order mate.. i will bell you tomorrow when you have finished the hoovering and house work.. Twat ,it's Nick's old bitch breeze who's due really soon and if that lad wants one of these pups then one is his . Cracking stuff lads this is how it should be done
  3. I do mate I used to favour the solar gear club mix to be specific but now I make my own base mixes by the time I'm done I don't need flavourings just abit of salmon oil does the trick
  4. I've seen both labs and goldens that are hard hunting I've yet to see a flatty hunt well better peg dogs in my experience
  5. Yep Luke warm black tea and a cotton wool bud it's the way forward for gunky eyes
  6. One castrated sandy coloured hob and one polecat coloured Jill both 3 yrs old well handled been fed on rabbit, pigeon,pheasant and dry come from a pet home so untried in the field but both bred of good working parents free to good home Doncaster area
  7. That's what I thought to start with so I started checking each warren after she worked it with another ferret that happily kills and stays till you break through but never found anything left in any of the sets I checked , another interesting point with her when entered into a set with more than one bunny in it they all bolt from one hole simultaneously like a tommy gun being fired would love to put a camera on her and see how she works
  8. Is there only me that actually enjoys a dig ? Doesn't seem like a proper day without at least one or two digs
  9. I use a trenching spade same as the one on the far right of tomo's photo but I fitted it with a slightly longer handle the original one just felty a bit short on deeper digs
  10. That must mean I have micro collars my apologies darbo i thought I had standard 8ft collars
  11. I've got two they both take a single 393 also got 4 15ft taking 2 393's
  12. Standard mk1 8ft collar takes a single 393
  13. It sounds like you should give her to me mate. get yourself one of these micros ..they don't lay up. Couldn't av put it better myself As for not needing a spade I've got a Jill that's bolted hundreds of rabbits over the last four years I've never dug to her yet but some of my others need spade work every time I take them out they all work differently
  14. I've had loads of problems like this and 9 times out of 10 it's an out of control staffy causing them, last week one went for one of my cockers so now I take the mastiff every where with me even ferreting I dare say that will be the end of the problem
  15. What sort of thing you got in mind pal ? I'd be very tempted to take you up on that I've always worked jills and would be very interested to see what some experienced hobs could do
  16. For me it's about knowing your ferrets I'd do it but not with all of my ferrets as most would happily kill below ground, but I've got a small albino Jill that I've never had to dig to in 4 years of working her never even had a rabbit with a bite mark when using her so I'd happily use her on ground where no digging was allowed
  17. I didn't really get a word of that but the title is mint
  18. Defo a cocker as small as a terrier good work ethic and more friendly
  19. Does any one have any ideas where I can buy a large manual meat mincer/grinder I'm talking about the kind of thing I can put a whole rabbit through bones included not the ones that Argos sell
  20. Minkenry I think that what you have achieved with you mink is ground braking I've never seen anything like it and I give you the respect you deserve for this. Further more I think you should write a book about what you have done, why and how to help improve/promote the sport you love. However I think that you should stick to what you know and make no comparisons to ferrets or ferreting or even write about them at all even if it is only a few paragraphs as you clearly know very little about them, the bits you have shown us so far about ferrets could have been easily written by my 12 year old so
  21. Your not kiddin they get at least 2 hours a day everyday purposefully take them to areas where there's not much game like them to have to work for it. Seen to many dogs loose interest when they're used to being spoilt for game then they go somewhere where they have to work for it
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