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  1. Didn't know which section to put this. Is there any breeders of good malinoise or Dutch shepherds in the uk preferably from Imports. Thanks in advance
  2. If they get bit mate make sure you clean erm well and any sign of infection take erm to vet it don't cost much I lost a good Jill to infection from rat bites it went downhill fast best one I owned not all jack on rats. Some become demons on them and then even better on rabbits . Just be quiet near the holes so the ferrets have an easier time pushing them about
  3. Iv got a Sealyham bitch she's bout 9 now but she get her nose down and she's gone lol
  4. well summers coming who here makes there own boilies? iv been looking into it quite abit recently
  5. I tend to fish near the marina mate iv got a livebait bucket the canal near us produces than just dies off do they move into canals when the rivers high
  6. Been think of night vision for a while don't want owt fancy just summat for spotting to around 150 yards hand held and then I'll move I closer been looking at monocular are they any good ? there loads of sett ups out there gets bit confusing. Do u need a separate monitor aswell. Trouble is I'll be walking with it.
  7. you lads that work the river banks don't suppose it will be long before you run into the odd otter as well as mink? as a keen carp and pike fisherman we keep hearing reports of them.
  8. im after some advice if someone could help me I want to target the pike on a local canal I know there a few there some jacks and coupe of lads said they've had the odd 20lber out. and my mate had some last year iv tried fishing it a couple of times now with no joy iv lured fished it once only got follows buy perch and deabaited it two or 3 times with no luck. iv been putting a deadbait down the margins just over the shelf and one to the far side to any over hanging trees or just drop it behind the far shelf. iv also tried it at the side of boats. the rig im using work on another venue were I c
  9. its hard to find good piking me and my mate go we know a few places but most of it is bitting abtting on canals and river try finsing a trout farm some offrer pike fishing certain months of the year. I rung one up the other day it hasn't been pike fished for a few years after speaking to the bloke that runs it now we might be getting a day this month just got to keep intouch fingers crossed of trout lake they tend to grow BIG!!
  10. anybody on here fish the river Ancholme? I remember years ago its used to produce some big weight on matches of silverfish just wonderd if it was still the same as there were reports of otters last year. I heard one person say they had seen a pike on the bank with the back of its head eaten away?
  11. marky r

    Future Breeding

    We're about a u from fox pack like the look of the Black and Tan dog
  12. They'd be gone in no time and u couldn't call them off something
  13. I'm from just outside Leeds and want something for bushing foxes not wanting it to go to ground got terriers for that something that sounds abit and that won't turn death if I need to call it back if it goes near a road
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