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  1. Nick3439

    In Need Of A Ferret

    You could just not tell them?
  2. Nick3439

    Badger Sett

    What he said ^
  3. Nick3439

    Stop My Ferret Skulking

    I ignored mine when it did it; initially I would start to pack up nets; and it would be interested in what I was doing and come over; then slowly pick it up, not make a game of it and a big fuss once I've picked it up. Now I don't have to bother with that; just pull it out; but I never put it straight in the box if I've done that I make a fuss or let it bimble on surface so it's not thinking it's got the shite deal
  4. Nick3439


    Bait a mink trap.... See what you drag in....
  5. Nick3439

    Is It A Good Idea

    2 hours to a Perm? Jeez you're keen, I get irritated if it's out of walking distance!!!
  6. Nick3439

    Badger Sett

    It's ok until some anti sees you digging for your ferret next to a badger set with your dog nearby and suddenly you have a squeaky bum moment whilst you desperately try to convince the magistrate you weren't after the badgers. If it's next to a badgers set the ferrets stay at home and the gun comes. Only 'safe' way to avoid grief IMHO
  7. Nick3439

    Bad Burrows

    I have a warren infested with tick larvae. Everytime the ferrets go down they are crawling with literally 100's of them; you wouldnt believe. I hate doing that one. I have a hob that's shit; but he's great for not digging. If they are going to bolt they bolt for him; if not it's like he doesn't know they are there and bimbles around and pops up. He's useful for that sole fact; he's more company for the Gill who's epic, tbh lol he'd be perfect for all these ^
  8. Nick3439

    Ive Had Visitors

    All these ferret thefts; are they in the same part of the country or just everywhere?
  9. Nick3439

    Do Problem

    This is definitely the way forward or you end up teaching it to skulk more and more. I find if I want them out I start packing up the nets and they come out to see what the fuss is about.
  10. Nick3439

    Ferret Bedding

    Dining room? Toilet? How very posh!
  11. Nick3439

    Cat Programme

    That's epic footage!
  12. Nick3439


    Spray the bedding they sleep in with the household tick ferret killer as well as all that, that way they don't stand a chance
  13. Nick3439

    Cat Programme

    Watched a cat programme wear the cats had night vision cameras on collars; would love to see night vision/thermal footage of a rabbit warren from a ferrets view and how they behave and work; is there any footage/documentary like that?
  14. Nick3439

    1 Or 2 Ferrtes

    2 is no more work/expense than 1....
  15. Nick3439

    Missing Rabbits

    That's the moment you could justify a Barak BR99 on your ticket for Pest Control....