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  1. How would you get him around the ferrets safely? We have let them in the garden together and he tries to kill them. He has gone for one and mauled one so we haven't let him out with them since. I think the ferrets are also wary of him as they hiss at him! He's a bugger!!! First thing I would do is stop working him till you've got him listening to you. Keep him on the lead when you're out. Practice recall at home and then move I to the garden when that's all good take him into a lane or a path and try him. When I broke one of my older terriers to the ferrets the dog was kept on a
  2. well it turned out to be a good night, first few fields were no good absolutely soaked so moved up to the higher ground. had a good few hours out, only managed 3 between us but some good runs.
  3. be off out later tonight, hopefully get a few runs. looking forward to it havent been for a while now
  4. decided to leave it tonight and have a wander tomorrow instead, hopefully get a run or two
  5. ha! not a bad idea that mate, might have to invest.
  6. ive not been out much this season tbh, had a few trips out and its been crap. now everything is water logged. i noticed the rabbits breeding all year round tbh. just going to have a few hours wandering about and see if we can get a couple of decent runs.
  7. as the title really, are many of you getting out in the weather weve been having? i havent been out much as the ground on my permission is soaked, dog be better off swimming after the bunnies haha. supposed to be getting out for an hour tomorrow night, see how it goes.
  8. ive got the 150 with the battery in the handle, used it all last season and this season. ive yet to run the battery down on a night out. quality bit of kit for the money.
  9. i only ever keep one runner. but keep a couple of terriers so if the runner is off then i can keep myself busy with the little uns . i wouldnt be able to find enough time to keep more than one lurcher busy but can work it alongside the terriers do abit of bushing/mooching and the odd nights lamping . i still feel he dont get enough work. as rabbit is a lurchers bread and butter to me and there isnt enough rabbits about to justify another runner Same for me. One runner and 2 bushers. Permission isn't the best this year so tend to be out mooching local bit of bushing. Can't see me ferreti
  10. look on the other post about lamps fella will have a look for it now mate, didnt realise there was another thread. cheers
  11. are the plr500 lamps the same as the 150 leds?
  12. Only named my hob, big balls. Because he's got bigger nuts than me
  13. why do you have some gear you want to give away? haha plenty of idiots about mate take it for free use it for a season thrn give up and probably make a profit from it
  14. if anyone on here is interested in the kits please pm me. been trying to upload a pic from when they were 6 weeks old but wont upload from my phone for some reason, will and get it up tomorrow at some point. quite happy with how theyve turned out. litter of 5 and the hob i wanted to keep back for my self died. the four jill have been handled daily and are getting there. still giving me the odd nip but suppose thats to be expected. feel sorry for the people that have massive litters though. these four go through enough food. put a rabbit in the cage and it was gone within a day.
  15. they wont die mate just keep the cage as clean as possible
  16. kits be ready to go in a couple days, 4 jills here to go as the hob i wanted to keep died. theyre in a seperate cage now for the next few days still munching like mad, last litter i had only one survived from my old jill. its good fun to have a few kits here messing about and being stupid. ill try get some pics up over the weekend
  17. just keep at it mate, shell come on eventually. what cross is your pup and stick some pics up atb
  18. nice shooting mate. ive used the scope i had off you for the first time today, i waited till i got the hw99. lovely little scope, thanks again mate!
  19. "The majority of Bedlingtons ive worked have been far from mute,noisy feckers,above and below,plus ive rarely owned one with a jacket worth mentioning,something Bedlingtons are renowned for.I owned a dog a couple of years ago that would not rein in,hit a scent and tally-ho,then many hours to locate the ignorant twat,he,s now a pet,the vast majority of the ones ive bred and grafted are perfectly biddable and rarely get lost on their bushing forays" I take it you couldn't find your gun that time then Morton Useless f****r might find its way into the bloodlines now? You're all
  20. My terriers push out of cover,with the big b*****d lurchers in attendance,when the lurchers are in attendance when the quarry as run to ground i expect the terriers to do their job of work,if it could not fulfill that part of its work id cull it,or the lurcher that could not graft with the terrier.You will never need to try a terrier at earthwork,it should come natural,again if it does not its a fecking cull,if they do whats wanted on your endeavours,fair play,id not feed one of them. what ever mate, your on a different planet. its quite simple, i dont want my terriers to go to ground.
  21. if you say so mate, they will both bush hard all day. they will both work rats. the both of them are good ferreting dogs. they mark. not saying theyd refuse to go to ground. theyve never been tried. wouldnt want them going to ground as thats not the kind of work i do with them. you have no idea of how they work and have never seen them work so dont see how you can say theyre 3rd just because they dont drop to ground. i dont have the need for a terrier that drop to ground every five minutes as that would be a pain in the arse for me. so they were never introduced. i wanted them to push qurry ou
  22. Are they terrier based?.IF they are id shoot them,terriers bred from honest hunting stock will bush better than piss poor breeding and also enter,if its a terrier id want it to do terrier work,above and below,if it refused to enter its a cull,end of. yes they are and i have no reason to shoot them, theyre bushing dogs, wouldnt want them dropping to ground every five mins. thats not what i want them to do, theyre job is to drive quarry out of cover for the lurcher and to mark holes when ferreting. theyre very good at the job and wouldnt want anything different to be honest. might not suit
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