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  1. Sold mate I let it go for 70 I bought it off a mate myself didn't know how much they were to be honest tidy gun mind
  2. Springer for sale good little gun does the job hawker vantage sights 4x32 cracking gun really accurate hard hitting springer 40 yards hit a five pence peice, £130 with scope n pellets posted. Pm
  3. Dogs gone sorry fella mate has had him
  4. Not quite sure how he is bred exactly bud same way as dog in my profile pic dont really know how he was bred just worker to worker good grafters hard dogs had him cos he looked a bit smaller slighter but he's more full of it than the bigger ones I've had tbh, my fault to be honest mate that's why just want him go somewhere tidy would of been bang on for me a while back just don't do as much no more should have thought it through a bit more
  5. He will mate he make a good grafter for someone. Just bit much for what I want tbh
  6. South Wales. 5/8-3/8 he is mate he not too heavy set but he's really game already too much for what I need to be honest but would of kept him anyway if he was OK with my bitch jus will not take to her at all. An like I said I genuinely don't know what he be like with other dogs he still puppyish but turns nasty so needs to be kennelling on his own. Not a nasty dog good as gold with people kids just full of himself
  7. Cheers mate. Il put some better pics up tomorrow when I get chance make a cracking dog for someone he's awesome pup gna make a good worker just needs good home
  8. Bull x pup 7 months old genuine reason for sale doesn't get on with my other lurcher don't know if it's just her he doesn't like or what hel be with any other dogs. Totally green unspoilt. He around 23 -24" strong dog full of himself £ good home more important than money anyone tidy interested can sort something out
  9. After something like a collie grey bull or similar must be 100 percent on lamp and will take Charlie. will pay tidy money for the right dog preferebly with a trial. cash waiting inbox
  10. Another thing forgot to mention she's stock broke and good around ferrets she make a cracking all round day dog for some one will try and post a few pics when I get home from work later
  11. Nah mate she don't look unworked like I said she's young and plenty of guts in her. I know she's only seen 3 but some dogs will get in more of a mess than others I'm not saying she's smashed but I aint taking any chances I'd rather let her go for nothing than have her taken off me
  12. Have for sale saluki grey/collie grey bitch sire to her was grandson to lucky dam was well bred collie grey, this is a forced sale so please no timewasters, I'm going to be totally honest I haven't done much with her on her own she's been out with my other lurcher working daytime she's caught 2 rabbits daytime and run down 3 Charlie with my other bitch, really quick bitch and plenty of guts for a young dog this is a genuinely hard sale as I have no choice been reported for working bull xs and anything I got thats seen a bit has to go or will more than likely be taken anyway bitch has loads of
  13. We had ours for a house dog, an I started taking her out now and again with my lurchers and quickly realised that's all she wanted to do was work and would rather be out kenneled with them, I may evan put a terrier to her in the future if she keeps it up!
  14. Yes got some pics can't figure out how to resize them I'll ask my missis chuck a few on here for me later
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