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  1. Ruski

    Pups due

    All pups in new homes just ended up keeping the one . Granite
  2. https://www.doggoodies.co.uk
  3. Dog goodies bud was here next day . Iv just brought the 160pmeter e collars of them as well same again here next . Rang me to make sure they were the right collars for the right dogs
  4. Ruski

    Pups due

    I consider bushing dogs small hounds pal the follow scent and give tounge. Iv bred these to be more truer hounds . I wanted a bigger version of a beagle x spaniel but with the steadiness of the full hound . Iv found small hound types /bushers to be hard to keep straight and nor run riot on other quarry . That's only my opinion
  5. Ruski

    Pups due

    Granite and Zulu
  6. Granite and zulu 2 keepers
  7. Iv a mate uses one not let him down and looks to work well . Iv just started using the dogtrace xc20 can get a box and collar for 400
  8. Ruski

    Pups due

    Had a bit of a ruff time with them . Bitch developed mastitis. I'm down to 7 there all on mince now all I can do is keep feeding them .
  9. Ruski

    Pups due

    Young granite opened his eyes today
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