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  1. i keep several jagds in holland, once or twice a year i breed a litter of them when i have someone i know who wants one or when i want to keep one myself. in the hunting season i hunt with them almost 2 or 3 days a week. some for earthwork some only on boar and some both. one of my jagd females is used on top and below ground. when i hunt boar with her she wants to stay on top and dont go to ground. but this is very rare. I have used other jagds for hunting fox on top like you guys use hounds, but you will find your dog to ground soon and you dont have any control on what quarry is in front of him. and you dont have any control on putting him in a diggable spot or not. some jagds hunt way to much on there own and wont come back to you on the end of the hunt. and you have to run them with gps on. i have dogs that run up to 2 km away from me after game and are always with me on the end of the hunt wich is perfect if you dont hunt on small fields. the ones you are always looking for on end of the hunt wont be kept much longer. some will keep closer to you after they loose you a couple times but some will never learn. but there are also jagds that wont go further than 100/200 meters i also have patterdales and border terriërs. no other terrier can beat the jagds his nose and hunting abilities above ground. but below ground mine are not as good as my borders. not all jagds stay to ground untill dug to, some just bark and come out all 15 minutes or so and go back in. but i am sure there will be lots of jagds that will do a better job to ground as mine the overly hard often mute dogs from eastern europe that are used for earth dog trails are not the jagds i like to have. maby they would suit you better in uk when only used on fox, but here they will not have a very long life, dog agressivness can also be a problem with these dogs when hunted in a pack, because there very high prey drive you have a big chance of fighting dogs at catched or shot game . the better dogs in trails are not even used for hunting at all because the chance of loosing this dogs while hunting is too big. i have a jagd male myself like this that is used for boar only (to big for natural earths) and his use is very limited. some lines are versitile but most are not and are just bred for earth or boar hunting, some are way to big to use to ground. as you can read like any other dogs not all jagds are the same and if you look for a jagd for a perticular job be carefull what you buy. breeding not says always anything i have a jagd bitch that has names in his pedigree i never heard of and never had a dog as good as this one and culled dogs from the better breeders. the price of a non pedigreed jagdterrier in holland is around 200/300 euro with pedigree around 500. but good ones are hard to find. if i hunted my dogs to ground only i wouldnt keep a jagd but i should stuck to a good patterdale or border terrier.
  2. i have jagd pups out of good working stock but jou have to come to holland to collect one. we use them for big game driven hunts and earthwork but if you are only looking for a dog for earthwork youre better of with a patterdale because a pat will do the same job or even better.
  3. Working dogs that are to big is a big risk in tight cover because they cant go out of the wat when they are attacked they will also get lots of more damage then the smaller dogs who are often smashed away. i have seen some heideterriers of other terrier men in Germany they loose a bit of the good nose from the jagd but will catch a boar faster.
  4. I have the alpha, you can use him anywere. i lost one of my collars [BANNED TEXT] a dog went to ground and was stuck wit the collar behind some roots. you can look back on where your dogs have been and i dont think you can put this off. but you can delete this if you want and start a "new hunt" i didnt buy it on ebay but at a locat shop, this is a bit more expensive but you get some warranty and can order small parts if an antenna or something is broken or if you want extra collars. plus you dont have to pay before delivery and someone. with paying on the internet you Always have the risk you dont get your stuff on the alpha are lots of things i dont use. but i thought the range would be a bit better than the astro because of an other frequency and i know some lads with a astro and lose contact with there dogs a bit to fast sometimes.
  5. theres a man in Germany who has pups from his dogs but they have lots of badgerbeck in there pedigree so thats why im asking. seen some films of the parents and are doing ok. but they hunt mainly artificial earths over there so that dousnt say to much about there working style
  6. does somone work borders from the badgerbeck kennel or can someone tell me more about them. i have a couple of borders from Czech working lines but dont know anything about UK working lines.
  7. www.hundeschutzweste.com the mikut and the Müller fox vests are the ones that they use the most in Germany, these will be made on the size of the dog. i shouldnt use the chest plates because the boar can still cut open the belly. make sure u have skin stapplers and evreything with you.
  8. bit expensive these vests for 2 days boar hunting. if your dog is not too sharp i should try it without any vest. i have one of these vests from Germany but when these wont fit really well because all dogs have different lengths of back, neck and shape of chest. in Germany they also make the vests on size of the dogs and suit a lot better. i dont know were you guys are going to hunt, the boars are dangerous but dont forget when letting your terriërs loose they can find more than just boar and your terriërs can crawl in undiggable badger setts all together. know a men who lost 3 dogs in one day because of this last season.
  9. i have a couple of borders from Polish/Czech working lines, over there they have to pass a working test before you can breed from them. some ot them join earth dog competitions and are doing really well. mine mature a bit later than my other dogs but this can depend on the line. but once they have started they are doing well strong heads and not to big in the chest.
  10. mine had 7 healthy pups and raised all of them, but my pat had 4 and 3 of them died on a couple of days
  11. he is out of lara, we take him out on wild boar for 3 days this weekend to see how hes working.
  12. i have black ones borders and jagds in my kennels the jagds are the best ones for me but have seen patterdales that work better than my jagds below ground. if your only doing earthwork you are better off with pats, much calmer in your garden. jagds will get crazy when you dont feed them enough work. but dont think any other terrier can do what a jagd can above ground. but if you really want one i think from the astraata line are great dogs and including shipping i think its a fair price. the only problem is when hunting the overly hard dogs above ground on boar and they go to ground on badger you will lose them pretty soon.. jawn, i have a young male out of zep alluminium now how are yours doing?
  13. i have some bigger harder dogs in my kennels just because i like them. but in the end here in holland only the smaller ones get enough work. one of my smaller ones is 17 " in the chest but strugles to get there sometimes, my smallest one is 15 " in the chest and will fit in almost in al places. when having the small one a collar on im not going to change it to my bigger dog because i found a bigger set.
  14. Blaise, can you tell me more about the griffon bleu de gascogne or the petit bleu de gascogne. i have seen these when out boar hunting and really like them. but dont know much about them, most information on the internet is in french
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