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  1. Looking for a good transporter to send a terrier from south west to north east of England Any recommendations appreciated Cheers TTV
  2. Two bull cross dog pups for sale out of first class dogs Dam bull X whippet (pocket rocket) Sire 3/8 5/8 bull greyhound Both dam and sire are 100% Pups are 9 weeks old ready to go £150 each Pm me if interested
  3. I blow it through a compresor But I'm sure spray can will be fine just make sure you give the red oxide time to kure before you put the Lacour on
  4. Rabbit Hunter yes your right I'm just coming up with a solution to not having to take a sharp tooth and a graft And so far its doing the job just fine will cut in to shale and break it up bang on And the other day it cut through a root the size of a small tree I just went at it like a axe and was through in no time
  5. The paint I use is just red oxide with a couple of costs of clear lacked Iv found what ever you paint it with its going to ware off with work But its the best lasting combo iv found
  6. This is it Hopefully will start to do these by the end of the month
  7. Yeah herd that also but its eathercthe name, or the length of its points It's not worth the patent The one I'm developing is a sharp tooth and a grafter combined
  8. Iv got a grafter type sharp tooth iv made out on test and so far so good so watch this space
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