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  1. Vets have had plenty out of my wallet over the years for injuries that are abit beyond a few staples or stitches it's one of them things I dont mind seeking a good vets advice. Seen one or two dogs get some real bad injuries and there owners have just kept them penned up instead of trying to get it sorted I'm not one of those people if I can sort it myself fine if not ive no hesitation in contacting someone with more experiance than Myself if that comes at a price so be it.but I also have no hesitations in getting a dog PTS if they arnt going to be able to lead a good working life again. Last autumn I lost a very good dog in pursuit of his quarry he was hit by a car his back leg was shattered beyond repair the cost didn't come into it but bieng able to work and have a good quality life did and I had him pts. All the best.
  2. I've thought long and hard about putting him over something and there's 2 things that put me off breeding out of my own firstly is the fact he's only about 23tts and although he does the job good enough for his size ideally I would like something abit taller and secondly is his colour. I do a lot of vermin drives for the shoot down the road and bieng buckskin coloured he's been mistaken for something else a couple of times.im not one for breeding either if I'm honest I'd like to own both parents if I did or atleast go to a stud that's proven and throws animals as good if not better than themselves. All the best with your pup mate looks a nice strong type.
  3. I have a bull x just finished his 8th season and still putting plenty away I like them a lot this ones cuaght plenty in the day using his nose and does owt an allround lurcher should do. I just wish I could find a quality pup bred for the right reasons to replace him with. Atb
  4. Had a shepheard do the same after years of daily interactions with chickens even seen him retreat to his box when one of the aseels have fluffed upto him. A week or so later after killing the chickens he very badly bit someone he'd known since a pup so there was only one thing for him. Hope you get it sorted mate.
  5. Not watched the program but as anyone fished fairbrasses French lake gigantica ? Was due to go last year but the lad organising it all went down with real bad health.
  6. Thought last week was the end of it for me with the rabbits but couldn't resist popping out for a wee while after lunch today in the plantations just the ferret and dog for company dog missed a couple but put a few in the bag. One of the last of the day looked like it had a bellyful of young so once the ferret had resurfaced popped her back down. I had more than enough to carry for the 5 min walk home. Good end to my season and a chance to step back from all the seriousness and enjoy bieng out. All the best.
  7. II allways have pups around all sorts when there young and a dog that is not 100% around stock is no good to me it would allways be in the back of your mind when they disappear after quarry. I did once see 2 bull crosses attack some cattle once never seen anything like it in my life and if they were mine they wouldn't have seen there next diinner. There's a fella who keeps some sheep near me a hobby farmer who is well known for shooting dogs he's a f***ing idiot who I genuinly think enjoys trying to intimidate average dog owners walking there pets. Also in most cases on his land the gutless f****r has shot dogs from a good distance away and driven off rather than fronting up to the owner. Good and bad on both sides of the fence IMO and accidents can and do happen. If an accident it can normally be put right but there shouldn't be any excuses for an out and out stock killer a resposible owner will do the responsible thing where that's concerned. Atb
  8. fitchet

    Other Hobbies

    I used to keep a few rollers very enjoyable sport moved from them into the racers but gave them up to put more time into other stuff. Gave my racers to a few mates who are well into it. Still keep some high flyers real athletes these are and don't need many to have some sport. Atb with them.
  9. This bitch is only 23tts one of the keenest bitches I've ever seen really wants it's quarry she's still young at the minute time will tell with her but I think she will be handy enough she's been hammered this season and is allways ready for the next night or day. Atb
  10. Shouldn't need a torch this time of year lads if your after birds I've had some good sport with the milbro lately
  11. Well fellers many thanks for the helpfull bits of advice I lifted four of the traps today as these were put in the tunnels I made the others are in natural sets that were already there. I'm leaving the newly dug sets to blend in abit before I put traps back in them. Heritage/Matt: would either you have a link where I could buy some of this dip please as I only need enough for a half a dozen fens. I'm gonna spray half a dozen and dip half a dozen see what works better. If I didn't think mr mink would cause me problems with chicks later on in the year i would leave him be but as I've already said me and a mate have been so focused on reducing the large number of fox everything else has been left. There's deffo a few mink about as I say we've already dealt with a few and the fishermen see them now and again. Fenn: I had a fair bit of success snaring rats in the past and to be honest I was thinking a few snares would be a good addition I was chatting to a river keeper not long back about snaring and I'm sure he said set a good loop about 4 inches high with the addition of jump sticks either side for mink does this sound about right ? What sort of wire should I be buying and are these legal to set on fallen trees that offer the mink a dry path ? Many thanks fellers.
  12. Thanks for the reply mate I must admit I was tempted to use a dip of some sort but I was told all traps needed boiling for this ? The tunnels I'm using go back about a foot and half into the bank the traps are bedded in well and covered with soil it's not so much now I'm worried about it's when it warms up abit and the fly fisherman start wading that I think I'll have problems. Atb
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