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  1. do you not know plumber terrier you have to chop the tree down first
  2. RIPSTOP I know my terriers my earth's my mates are team!!!!!!! It is my mates terrier that the post is about not mine read it so no I don't like hard dogs but my mate does that's why between us we have a dog for every job so don't open your mouth calling me a lier if you don't know me
  3. My mate has just bought a choc bull x patterdale Its about 13 month old and 15 inch to shoulder but not spanable by an inch or so what's the chance of it fitting in raynards house do you think its to big what's the biggest terrier you guys have seen go to ground cheers atb JH
  4. Hi all I have a sgc I am just wondering If I am allowed a 410 pistol on it or not cheers JH
  5. I have a deden mrk 3 never let me down pal and receiver on collar is very small and good for rock piles but jmo jh09
  7. I have the 16ft foot deben mrk 3 and terrier collar I have never had any problems with it at all and the receiver on the collar is very small and neat making it great for rock piles and they actually go to 22 feet not 16 like it states hope it helps atb jh
  8. can you pm me all details pal for how I buy a shovel cheers atb joe
  9. Stainless Steel atb.. price fella ?atb
  10. grafter to grafter as big tom said is does not matter who bred them or from what lines as long as they work and do the job asked of them atb jh
  11. cracking graft that pal is the shaft ally ? atb jh
  12. maybe so but its his bitch to do with as he pleases i m h o
  13. We have all made mistakes along the way but putting a dog to ground in any place at any time your taking a chance and someday you will ( come a cropper ) as they say. for rock piles a deben collar and locator is good because they are thin and very small yes not a b&f but for rock piles your better having something on rather than nothing but that's just my opinion atb jh
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