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  1. Peter Leemooch

    Bedlington terrier

    get them out with a dog that will show them the way it might get them started but they are never be on point if they not from working stock it’s just not their imo
  2. Peter Leemooch

    Bushing litter

    smart looking pups them mate the black and tan looks the best made pup i like the look of that one
  3. Peter Leemooch

    how times have changed

    my first patterdale was 40 quid out exchange and mart 1988 i bought me first car ford sierra 1.8 lx out the same issue for 375 costly week with me first few month wages lol buying dogs like buying from a business these days won’t be long until you get a receit and guarentee well maybe not a guarentee pmsl
  4. Peter Leemooch

    This season hopefuls

    nice looking block of runs you have their pal even the corridor is under cover i like that luxury lol
  5. Peter Leemooch

    Interesting Little Clip

    is there a kerry blue anywhere in the uk that will actually work i be amazed if their is good clip that all the same
  6. Peter Leemooch

    45 Years Ago Today

    i think max is right to be fair not all football experts played the game at any great level but i reckon if wenger and mourinhio had only ever posted there opinions in farming weekly and not on the world football stage then their opinion would be as worthless as what maxs is the fooking tool
  7. Peter Leemooch

    Galv panels

    fireman sam and south park star in godfather part 3
  8. Peter Leemooch

    Failed workers?

    you like a gang of bairns for christ sake who can call the most hurtful names pmsl
  9. Peter Leemooch

    Failed workers?

    how clever i guess right you have an insurance policy for a few years don’t fight it mate Dog lads all over doing the same
  10. Peter Leemooch

    Failed workers?

    poncey trampy begging c**t ? stop flirting with me you fanny
  11. Peter Leemooch

    Galv panels

    weld myself in ? you not to clever or summat?
  12. Peter Leemooch

    Galv panels

    godfather part 2 starring fireman sam
  13. Peter Leemooch

    Failed workers?

    dog lads gone all godfather on here lately
  14. Peter Leemooch

    Failed workers?

    wait don’t tell me let me guess , she asked for a bitch
  15. Peter Leemooch

    Failed workers?

    never begged for a handout in me life pal i asked for a loan same as you most likely did to get a house or car