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  1. First trip of season on the Ribble
  2. Put eggs and liquid flavours in bowl first next time mate.Mix it together then add your powdered ingredients gradually to the egg mix until you get a slightly sticky dough.Semolina and Soya flour would be a good base for your powdered mix.Plenty of boilie recipes on the internet
  3. Very good working terrier. Had the pleasure of seeing him doing his job several times when he was younger.Always impressed me. Still looks well A-t
  4. Here’s Todd.His sire was Ged.J Dillons lab/grey and mum was a small Beddy grey type who was game for her size.All good honest dogs who took a lot of various quarry.Day and night and belonged to a mate of me and All terrain
  5. Only just read this and got a few pics here of Jack who At mentioned.Good dog on any quarry pre ban.His sire,Bruno had Saluki,deerhound,greyhound and Irish terrier in him and came from Ireland off Jim King.Jack’s mum was a very fast,game Beddy/grey type bitch who belonged to a lad from our area.
  6. Personally I don’t dwell on the reason why my kids are autistic because it won’t change anything for them now. They are both on the spectrum and our job as their parents is to help them to thrive as much as we can.Just as we do with our other kids(I have 6 of the little cherubs) With regards to whether or not more kids are on the spectrum now than in the past it’s a distinct possibility but it may be that diagnosing autism has improved due to increased knowledge of it.
  7. I have a lad 13 and girl 9 with autism.Can identify with a lot of things in this thread.A lot of the time it’s a bloody struggle but they are your kids and you do all can to help them cope with their difficulties.Need the patience of a saint most of the time with mine. I wouldn’t change a thing about my two autistic kids though as they make me smile with their quirky ways. A mooch with the bushers or a few hours fishing helps bring me back down when it’s getting a bit too much.Recharges the batteries to go again Pic of my girl with a Teckel pup.Swimsuit on playing in the garden
  8. There are a few groups on Facebook for people who make their own Boilies.Some very knowledgeable people in the group who are happy to help with any questions regards ingredients. I make my own hookbaits but buy my Boilies from DNA baits.Good quality bait and only around £6/kilo if you buy in bulk.
  9. Bull x whippet 21tts.Handy dog for working with my bushers
  10. I don’t shoot but have been past Llandegla clay ground
  11. It’s nice to see some posts on terriers working in USA,rather than the bitching that is the norm.If that’s the stamp of dog required for the quarry worked over there then fair enough.Less bitching posts and more working posts is what we all probably want.f**k peds,crackwhores and fucktards and show us your workers
  12. Not much beats being out there with the bushing dogs.But when your in places like this,sometimes just being out there is enough.
  13. Got a bit peed off spending good money on wellies so after reading this,I bought some Bekina Steplites.Use them for bushing,beating and lamping.Light,comfy and warm.Get the piss took out of me by the Le Chameau brigade but not arsed tbh coz they do the job
  14. My little team.Teckels,Spaniel+lurcher.
  15. Jrc x-lite beds are as the name suggests quite light.For a bit more comfort the Fox flatliter
  16. I had same problem a bitch that I recently acquired.I put her on raw and a grain free kibble and was also told to put a few drops of evening primrose oil on her food.Cleared up after a few days
  17. They work well together.That Black and Tan Bitch from you has very high prey drive.She is very vocal on scent and gets the others worked up.They are quite even in tight cover but her and the black dog are a lot faster in more sparse cover.They give me some fun and that’s all that matters to me mate
  18. She’s flying atm.Very high prey drive in her.Goes ballistic when on bigger quarry.She’s turning out a very handy dog .Made up with her.Any more?
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