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  1. Only asking down that way as dropping a bitch down Devon way on Friday and heard off my pal in wales there’s some fast dogs down that way he got a pup down there about 15/16 months old now and got some serious fire in the belly
  2. Has anyone heard or seen a little brindal whippet greyhound not sure if hes under 23" or under 21" named EDGE seen this little rocket race up hampshire and couldnt beleive the speed that came from this dog a young lad owned him and credit were its due the dog was in fit shape I asked if the dog was up for stud and he said he will be end of the year if anyone could help would be ideal
  3. Did anyone find by crossing non pedigree lines into a working lurcher they lost alot of stamina had a couple friends say they put plenty of fire into the pups but no good after 10 rabbits I no a collie whip grey that scoops massive numbers of rabbits up hes bred hancock back to a non pedigree whippet grey and the thing is a machine
  4. Im currently working a whiplet x grey and cant fault them myself he starts blowing after about 10 rabbits and starts to slow down but the determination is there to carry on best ive had with him so far is 22 and hes 23" tts turn on a 6 pence
  5. Hi all can someone help me Ive currently been looking for a stud for my saluki whippet greyhound she hasnt got the speed I want for were I live . I found a very good whippet greyhounds id like to use but the lad never got intouch with me its a under 23" brindel rocket managed to find the name of the dog and owner if anyone knows of a j.richards dogs name edge could they get in contact thanks
  6. Brilliant read just ordered the book some really good information thanks
  7. Hi all new to the hunting life page I'm breeding my track grey bitch this season and wondered wat breeding is the best around I have a choice of big land boy hellhound or country music x will hay does [NO TEXT TALK] no much about these lines any help would be great thanks
  8. We have a country music will hay lines he 10 years old and still a Flying machine ill try post sum pics of him as soon as i find out how 2
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