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  1. Bradus1


    Dog been found back with owner
  2. Bradus1


    He not been found yet buddy
  3. Bradus1


    Don’t no what he was stood at 26inch but he could move and pull Charlie’s not everyone he ran but wasn’t a slouch
  4. Bradus1


    Bred for 1 thing pal and did that job very well
  5. Bradus1


    This is out of blade dog I kept bck ted but had to have him pts last year wasn’t a world beater but put 100% into the job
  6. Bradus1


    Cheers lads he’s sadly no longer with us neither is the son I kept bck of him . Atm I’ve no dogs on to much heat with lamping down my way so called it a day
  7. Bradus1


    My old dog blade out of spike he was some dog
  8. Bradus1

    Who lost his bull x bitch?

    Don’t think that’s her pal
  9. Bradus1

    Lost my bitch Kura

    Hope you find her mate hope you find her safe mate
  10. Bradus1

    Blitz 240

  11. Bradus1

    Stud wanted

    Did you find a stud
  12. Bradus1

    Jerry dog bull x

    Think he’s about 9 pal my mate owns him and yes been a single handed dog
  13. Bradus1

    My 3

    Cheers pal always keep them looking well pal
  14. Bradus1

    My 3

    Gutted wasent the word pal