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  1. Bradus1


    Is d Lloyd still on here selling lamps sorry if this is in wrong place
  2. Bradus1

    Who lost his bull x bitch?

    Don’t think that’s her pal
  3. Bradus1

    Lost my bitch Kura

    Hope you find her mate hope you find her safe mate
  4. Bradus1

    Blitz 240

  5. Bradus1

    My 3

    Cheers pal always keep them looking well pal
  6. Bradus1

    My 3

    Gutted wasent the word pal
  7. Bradus1

    My 3

    Thorn dog had to be pts end of January pal ended up with bad kidneys was absolutely gutted as I bred him myself out my old pie dog
  8. Bradus1

    My 3

    Not just a one trick pony these dogs
  9. Bradus1

    Lamp and battery

    We’re are u
  10. Bradus1

    Show us your Bull x

    My 2 Bitch on left Reece bred and dog on right
  11. Bradus1

    Show us your Bull x

    He’s about 3 pal came from Ireland as a pup bred well half x stands at 26inch