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  1. Thanks for all the replies. It's a bsa scorpion t10 using a harris bipod. So it's a metal stud going into a plastic stock - would it be simple enough to get a brass nut into the stock and stick it in? I can't get a photo up as I'm away for a few days but will try when I get back!
  2. Hello - the thread in my synthetic stock has worn out because of the stud in my bipod. What's the best way to resolve this problem? To drill another hole? And how do I stop this from happening again? (The thread on the stud seems sharper than I would have thought it should be). Thanks
  3. I suppose what I need help with deciding is whether I buy the second hand hw100 or look out for a carbine hw100 second hand? (Or potentially look into the hw110)
  4. I've been offered a hw100 second hand. I'm considering selling my bsa scorpion t10, adding a couple of hundred quid and upgrading to the hw100. Im generally happy with the bsa but I've heard the hw100 is lovely and a new gun is always tempting. My only hesitation is the weight. Is the carbine version preferable? any thoughts would be great to help with this decision!
  5. I was going to use uttings but they're out of stock... any other places that you'd recommend?
  6. Where's the best place to get a harris? (somewhere where they give a decent warranty seeing as it's quite an investment!)
  7. How much better are the harris bipods compared with the deben ones? And is it worth getting a swivel base one? Thanks
  8. Does anyone have a pair of neoprene hunter boots? Does the lining last? and do your feet get hot and sweaty in them?
  9. Shooting them because they are nesting in the chimneys and under my roof - making holes in it!
  10. Got quite a few jackdaws about atm but I've was warned that they were difficult to shoot. Apparently they have a small brain so once when my friend shot one in the head (near the eye) it didn't die, also he said that they have strong flying muscles, tough breast bone and tough wing joints. Are they this difficult to shoot? Where is the best place to aim for?
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