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  1. raptar

    looks very interesting

    I think the pumping would probably kill me, but I do like the idea of no need for taking pumps tanks. Just a snap, yes.
  2. raptar

    looks very interesting

    60 pumps = about 32 shots. lol I think I will leave well alone.
  3. raptar

    looks very interesting

    just found this on it. https://hardairmagazine.com/news/nova-vista-hp-m1000-multi-pump-pcp-air-rifle/
  4. http://www.nova-vista.co/plus/view.php?aid=15
  5. raptar

    A Few Of My Hides Inside & Out

    They all look really good, tidy one.
  6. raptar

    Out tonight

    tidy one
  7. raptar

    Top up

    nice day out, well done fella.
  8. that is a catfish. yeay something I do know lol
  9. raptar


    ok thx dude.
  10. raptar


    £20 - £60 max
  11. raptar


    this is why I was asking, I have some cheap 6-24x50 scope that I can see really well through, I also have a hawke 3-9x50 sport HD witch are ok but have no mil dot and the target looks a bit small at around 30m, and I have a 4-12x42 witch I think are f****d but I can see ok with. so I was just looking for some help to find a scope that I can use that doesn't cost more that my car.
  12. raptar


    are these any good lads ? BSA Quarry King Scope QK6-24X50AO
  13. raptar


    what the hell is this the big lump on the scope ?
  14. raptar


    ok thx lads
  15. raptar


    what I am looking for is something that I can just bring up to the eye to shoot from 10m to 50m without all the faffing around with adjustments, or is there no such thing ?