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  1. Hi all, today was my 1st time out ferritin for 30 years as I'm trying to introduce my 12yr son to this dying art, he said he enjoyed it.
  2. what do you find better for the woody's .177 or .22? I take it that you are doing back and shoulder shots on them.
  3. Hi all, Would there be any different's in performance between an HW100KT carbine & the full-length rifle?
  4. why is there not much talk about the .20 cal, as it looks good on paper for hunting with sub 12lbs
  5. This had worn off and gone in around the valve, it's now back to normal Thx for the help lads.
  6. Still full and not leaking, and always filled by a pump.
  7. yes, it is 2nd hand and its still holding all its air, lost power in 1 mag and never recovered.
  8. ok, I have just replaced the O ring on the pellet probe and it still the same any other ideas?
  9. yes, plenty + have never overfilled either. it cocks fine, it is holding all its air, hammer spring look good. but the power has just dropped right off.
  10. Hi all, Went to have a few practice shot before heading out this evening, when I notice a big power drop, so I put it over the chronograph and it was down to a constant 4.5lbs from 11.2lbs I thought it might be the hammer spring but it looks fine any ideas? Thx all.
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