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  1. Nice one bud I knew you'd help me out ,, got that much permission now going to have to go at night as well ,which I,d rather not
  2. Thought barrymore put his fags out in the pool
  3. Hi lads thinking of getting some night vision for my bsa r 10 never used nv before was after some kind of advice of what to buy ,don't want to go over board but am open to options all the best
  4. Me too if ya find owt let us know, just buried my beddy collie , greyhound, 14 year old best dog I ever had
  5. Seventh wave the biggest, to help papillon escape from devil's Island 🏝
  6. 29th May first one here north Yorkshire
  7. Who ever invented decorating wants f****n and who ever invented f****n wants decorating
  8. wildman


    Seen it a million times, and will probably see it another million, from the village where its filmed, climbed that wall a few times myself for a young kestrel, or little owl when I were a young man ,and not the only one from off this site ,,,,,, eh Brian
  9. A real Barnsley chop wouldn't fit in that pan
  10. I,ll buy the lot of ya mate ,serious pm me
  11. Picked the winner again ,think its 5 years running,,,had 100 on at 7 to 1 800 back but working in a top racing yard helps
  12. Found a 10 egger goldeneye in a hole in a tree last week ,, best nest,, and rarest I ever found,, picture not brilliant as trying to hold on to tree at same time
  13. Ya ,, are ya north or south of me
  14. Saw one 3 days ago but didn't believe it just seen another so must be true ,north of York any one seen en further down
  15. Worth about 10 quid a piece but I,ll give ya 11 quid each
  16. Who did ya work for on demo mate ,, our paths must have crossed at some point
  17. That's from dirty dancing,, ya tool,, Barry who
  18. Can't be the original with Patrick swayze
  19. Reminds me of that ,only fools and horses , one with the watch at sotheby,s ,,,, good luck with it
  20. wildman


    He,ll be getting plenty of what he gave now
  21. wildman

    HH x goldie

    Ya think I will stick to hh from now ,pleasure to own an fly , , had loads of others, too much hassle, unless you're a 24,,, 7 ,, type
  22. wildman


    " meet the gang for the boys are here,,,, the boys to entertain you "
  23. wildman

    HH x goldie

    Knew a kid from Hoyland, had a red tail ,had it a couple of seasons, one day he was calling it back from a mist slip ,glove up, piece of meat in hand, totally ignored the fist and latched on to the side of his face ,, made a right mess ,was very lucky not to lose his eye
  24. wildman


    Was he raper, or rapee
  25. wildman

    HH x goldie

    Is your mate any where near North York moors would like a look at one hunting, if he gets one going
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