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  1. The dog who shares G D O Y ,,with dog above ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [653259] :: SBK’S NATO (GAME DOG OF THE YEAR 2020) APBT.ONLINE-PEDIGREES.COM
  2. She was a very good bitch , but RUBY be my choice of the two , and RUBY also went on to be a great producer
  3. Probably the best from the Shadow and Jigsaw breeding the real game Ch.RUBY
  4. Not sure of his age in any , but looks old ,,he was a great stud in his day ,
  5. your probably right , but all the men who entered dogs at trials , ware proper work dog men , they did both field work probably a lot more than people today as it was not so against the law ,
  6. the bitch with the trophies was very old in the photo, any how conformation don't matter , when they are in a tunnel , and its all nose to nose
  7. I don't think so.. but Wheatens are same size as Pit Bulls , so would be no reason they could not have been used
  8. I reckon a badger is rougher than an otter, but its the way trials ware set up and the rules ,, back when they ware trialed, it was run as close to natural earth as possible , and dogs had to work nose to nose , unable to use their size , they would be disqualified if they growled or squealed or gave impression they hesitated to get into grips straight away all in the dark , in a 11 x 11 inch space ,,40 feet long , with 45 degree turns and false branches , and a time limit to reach the badger , most dogs entered at a trials would be good dogs in the field , but the rules of the trials made i
  9. well .all I was saying the bull terriers in general ware not good enough ( game enough ) for trials ,, Iam sure size comes into it with Boar hunting , I doubt Bull terriers are any better than Dogos , American Bulldogs , or Pit bulls or bull lurchers at boar hunting , never seen any post a video of one on one, its usually 3-4 dogs on the boar
  10. back in the day at trials, for every good Bull Terrier or bull terrier mix , there was 20 good or better SBTs,, the majority of good dogs at trials was either Wheatens or SBTs, Bull terriers ware a rarity
  11. Some photos of terriers at trials back in the day ,,,
  12. Had a couple when I was young , noisy crazy , but not game ,, wanted trouble all the time , but couldn't take it ,,Staffords ware a better choice
  13. Ch,"Hoss" as a young dog ,,,and as an old dog
  14. 1.Tony with the famous ch Hoss, , 2.with Jimmy Delgarno ( sitting) , 3 with Billy a son of Ch Jeep
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