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  1. searcher


    Malaseb shampoo works real well,or a good quality anti fugal shampoo.Be careful as spreads real easy,as already said.I would destroy any kennels that the infected dog has slept in to,good luck.
  2. Nice front end on the pup in the first pic.
  3. searcher

    F.a.o Taff 1969

    Great pics.
  4. I did not mean for rhabdomyolysis,I meant that's what I do after hard work to replace what's lost.sorry to hear your dog had it to I've just been reading up on it.
  5. I would recommend feeding within half hour to forty mins of any hard work out if possible so the muscle is not used to replenish the dogs depleted stores.obviously the dog will be well cooled down by then.
  6. searcher

    Gain Puppy And Sapling V Gain 28

    http://www.whichdogfood.co.uk/dog-food-ingredient-glossary.php good bits on there chook1.
  7. searcher

    Gain Puppy And Sapling V Gain 28

    I've noticed chicken MEAL as main ingredient in the puppy but as CJ said the record breaker is chicken as main ingredient.I would be interested to hear a reply to the question you asked them CJ,an E-Mail is not much to ask surely.
  8. Good feed IMO oceans fish I've used in past.
  9. searcher

    Gain Puppy And Sapling V Gain 28

    Try lawsonanimalfeeds.co.uk. They deliver for a reasonable price.
  10. searcher

    Regrets And Quick Decisions

    I think everyone has had some type of regrets concerning dogs if there honest.
  11. searcher

    Crazy Pat

    I would get a push bike trot him at the side and try and burn some of that energy.
  12. searcher

    F##king Dirty Little Sh#t

    I would try a real small kennel if it's doing it in its bed as uru said above.
  13. searcher

    Old Traps

    Thanks for posting OTC .And cheers for info lads.one of the gins is 5 inch.make good ornaments going to keep a eye out for more.
  14. searcher

    Old Traps

    PM sent OTC.