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  1. Pup coming on ok, 1 bollock and still terrible as a house dog but he's growing on me.
  2. This was the breeding, dont know much about any of them if someone wants to shed some light?
  3. Cant remember breeding off top of my head I will find out!
  4. 6 month old pup came through mange and now developing into a nice dog. A real pain in the house though worse than any bull breed I have had, ruined everything, just starting to up his exercise a little now as he has too much energy.
  5. Bad mange all the litter! But hes come good now will get a picture later!
  6. Bad mange all the litter! But hes come good now will get a picture later!
  7. Yep going to be a big lad has about 13weeks now!
  8. Well pup doing really well. Now a bit gutted only 1 bollock seems to have dropped/developed. Dont mind the scratched window sill my 10 year old Stafford sits there and has made a mess!
  9. Cheers guys new vet diagnosed him with sarcoptic mange which surprised me. But his hair growing back as fast as it disappeared!
  10. Pups hair seems to be growing back as fast as it came out! Still at vets monday, he is a fiery sod and growing like a weed too!
  11. Update, appointment on monday, but the breeder been in touch again, a few are showing signs and one is worse than my boy, I still thing demodectic mange. He took to vets they did a skin scrape but no signs of mites but has been treated needs 3 treatments apparently.
  12. Zero inflammation could it still be demodectic mange?
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