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  1. Used to make a few bows of osage orange when i lived back east hickory to and i brought quite a few staves with me when i moved west but i haven't finished any for a while ,made a few recurved bows one of mullberry with a sinew back prolly 35 lbs though mullberry not that great for sinew backing used wild rose shoots that i cut in the winter and hand straightened over the stove for shafts as well as dog wood and some shafts i split outta clear douglas fir lumber and planed by hand ,and so much more i could prolly write a book about all the stuff iv'e done in making traditional archery gear ,though i never got a deer with it i spent many days in the fields and woods trying ,keep saying i'm going to start again but i just haven't ,and what with up north we have yew trees that i doubt very many people take though i met one fellah who lives up there and he does make yew bows ,oh and the sap wood is what takes the tension and the heart wood the compression you can also sinew back the heart wood -peel all the sap wood off and come up with a very effecient hunting weapon for the close in forrests any way as that is one way many Natives out here made their bows and well i could go on and on but i'l leave it for some oneelse to talk about a bit .
  2. Hey do you know the fellah who used to machine the bean molds ,haven't heard from him for a long time?
  3. Hey a nice set all the way around fellahs ,the knife and sheath really look good ,i can see why your father likes em .
  4. Larry no but i could try to take some ,i,m not any good at posting pics with out my son to help and he's hard for me to catch as we have diffrent days off and work diffrent shift's .
  5. I like Hawthorne as well for the graIN AND SOME BARKS HAVE A VERY NICE COLOR AND GRAIN TO THEM ALSO HAVE STARTED SOME KNOB STICKS[sorry for caps ] of it too is a very sturdy wood imo .
  6. Make some tabs outta leather er use paracord .
  7. Some nice catty's for sure ,are they ash forks ?
  8. Hey love your story man ,glad every thing worked out for yah .
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