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  1. Not what I heard ! I wanted it because my misses bought it for her X and he bred that litter you got your pup out of for one and sold it because it jibbed lol that bitch ain't jibbed the lad that owned her ain't got a clue. Aww don't be scared everyone does little bits that's naughty . U don't buy someone something then expect it back just plain stupid, will speak to the bloke now that's got the bitch an tell him he's got a jibber. I'm out u change ur mind the lads will bring u down not gonna carry on over this
  2. Been doing it years I'm 26. Don't be like that I'm all legit LOL. Ur the lad that wanted the dam to my dog?
  3. I ain't on about what I got now come down next time let dogs talk
  4. HArd as nails ain't I cause got a bullx Pre ban ain't had any for a long time. Gamerooster go by ur name an roost ur birds u minge. Seems u ain't got a life u fat slob
  5. done daytime as well probably had more day than lamp
  6. There see better next time that's for sure. See everything I told them about also
  7. They seen my dog run an seemed happy, don't think he missed much that night. He's a single dog for sure
  8. If your referring to me I'm joking I run bullx and now exactly what they capable of I would of put ur name if was on about u lol. I also run them an lads have seen mine work off here Gwalchnmia4110 him an his mate been out with me
  9. Because you recon a bull x cant even catch rabbits. a bullx could catch a hare seen it done loads of times
  10. how's Rex doing mate? Had two lads come down off here the other night showed them some stuff
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