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  1. I guess it depends where you are. Having a decent season myself with more birds around than I've seen in a few years. Staying on top of Charlie and having permissions with landowners that maintain natural cover and feeding for birds makes a big difference. Too many Gun clubs I find have members that do FA but turn up in November looking for easy shots while being conspicuous by their absence in terms of vermin control and other ground work the rest of the year.
  2. Not sure about that. The brother works at the airport and they have to scare buzzards off the runways most days. See a lot around the M50 too
  3. I reckon some of those female darts players would kick the sh*t out of me and most of the blokes on here
  4. The UK has let in worse than Donal Trump recently!!
  5. Lynda Carter aka Wonderwomen. Debra winger starred alongside her for a while and both were well tasty!! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-w6DpkOUdbms/UzXKQQXQI4I/AAAAAAAAK_g/osRQaQSNwdI/s1600/LyndaCarteralos40.jpg
  6. Some guy who likes wolves makes a youtube video. Fair enough. But its a long way from having wolves running around Wicklow. Also features sheep wearing perfume and what looks like jewellery. Call me cynical but hard to view it as anything other than a wind up!!
  7. LOL ...look at the date of the article. Last years April fools. Did the rounds on the net back then too
  8. Like Rooney he should be playing for the country of his forefathers;)Hint: His dads from Galway. We could do with that type of talent against Poland on Sunday
  9. Some of it was filmed on a big lake in the county next to me. Got down to have a look and saw alot of the stars. Very impressive set up with the Viking boats and all the other stuff. Its in the papers here that they are looking for 8000 extras for the next season. Might chance my arm..LOL
  10. A great servant to the Pool and it was a low point for me last year that he just missed out on a well deserved Premiership model. I wish him the best in the US and hope to see him back at Liverpool in some mangerial role in the future
  11. Plenty of cover crop situated in different places throughout the club grounds and birds released every year and also surrounded by 3 other clubs that also release birds.The area we are in has a lot of tillage farms in it so food source is not the problem,also feeders placed in areas all around.I understand shoots can have bad years but this year is a disaster,hens are even scarce on the ground,but the amount of buzzards and pine martins that are about not good for the pheasant population.I moved to this part of the country 25 year ago and have been shooting it since then and long before we eve
  12. If your not feeding and/or releasing any pheasants then they'll quickly get shot out or bugger off somewhere else. Does your permission have any cover crops even?? My own small club puts a lot of effort into these things and it pays off as we get birds coming in from other clubs grounds too. Some of our neighbours blame Pine Martens and whatever for not having as much birds as they want, but the same lads don't bother doing the basics to make their grounds attractive to holding them. Not saying that's the case with you but you need to have a good look what your permission offers in terms of
  13. No. Only allowed to use rodenticides in some kind of pet proof bait box
  14. We had a horse abbatoir down the road up until the horse meat scandal last year. Unfortunatly its been shut since and the the owner doesn't know when he'll be back in business, which is a shame since he used to keep me and the local mounted pack in offal year round.
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