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  1. planete

    New Pup saluki x

    I have one bitch with multiple allergies now treated with Apoquel as immunotherapy was no longer working. She was horrendously itchy without treatment and had to wear a cone all the time to stop her tearing herself up, she is fine now on the Apoquel. As your pup is not itching it might not be allergies. If the new vet cannot find anything I would give him a chance and see if he comes right after a good while on decent food plus an effective worming programme.
  2. planete

    One man and his lurcher

    Just came across this and thought some of you might be interested: https://www.(!64.56:886/chriswalksuk/ (you do not need to do FB to view)
  3. planete

    Quick Kill Instinct

    The one dog I knew in the (very) old days who killed by holding onto the throat until the prey was dead was a greyhound/saluki x pure whippet. He would grab a hock and lame the animal enough to slow it down then brought it down by grabbing the neck. The only marks he left were four canine holes in his prey's neck. I have no idea whether he had inherited this killing behaviour or whether he passed it on and the owner is no longer around to ask. This was before the fashion for bull blood and he definitely had no bull in him. He was 25" and 24kg and never took anything larger than a roe buck or doe.
  4. planete

    New Pup

    I agree with you about the whippet x telling the pup off up to a point but I now muzzle my intolerant male whippet x saluki around pups as he reacts exactly the same as yours. He has however occasionally drawn blood where a canine has hit the pup 'by mistake' and split the skin (no actual bite). He probably would not damage a pup seriously but I will no longer take the chance it might escalate. I know what his jaws can do.
  5. planete


    Mine eat plenty of vegetable matter picking up rabbit and deer droppings!
  6. Females need a certain amount of fat in their bodies for the reproductive system to work properly. Being ultra fit and lean can stop periods in women athletes.
  7. planete

    Crazy Lady!

    I am also surprised by how slow and tentative the hounds are. I have seen a fox caught by running hounds, one second it was there, the next it was in pieces! We may disagree with her, but you can't beat her for sheer guts. May make your blood boil but still awesome!
  8. planete

    Figure Of 8 Rope Lead

    My home reared dog learnt to be steady as a pup but the two rescue bitches are learning. I teach the command "back" at home by facing the dog and walking towards it until it moves backwards. Eventually I use the same command for 'emergencies' when out. If a deer crosses our path for instance I will face the dogs and use the "back" command. I am afraid I am still at the stage of having to roar rather than whisper but it usually does the trick. Which is just as well as three 25 kgs dogs against a small 50 kg old lady could mean face plant in the mud! Having said that, I was really glad the OH had hold of the youngest bitch the other day when a stupid roe buck decided to run in circles around us in the woods. She completely lost it, thankfully the other two with me did not join in.
  9. Love the little red hearts !
  10. planete

    Dry Skin

    Don't use shampoo regularly as it dries up the skin, once in a while is okay. You may well see an improvement as he changes his coat. If he was short of energy it might be a thyroid issue but no worries about that if he is fine otherwise. Start brushing him every other day with a slicker brush if he is rough or long-haired (gently, the spikes can upset some dogs) or a soft rubber curry comb if short-haired to help him shed and stimulate the oil glands in the skin. You should see an improvement after a few weeks. Also make sure he has been wormed with a complete wormer like Drontal plus or Milbemax (not the Bob Martin rubbish).
  11. planete

    Yes Or No?

    What a b..y farce! And in answer to the question, no. I value my dogs too much and I have never had a staghound pack!
  12. planete

    New Content

    Sorted. Thanks!
  13. planete

    New Content

    The 'View new content' button no longer seems to work for me but brings up a 'Sorry no new content' no matter how many new posts there are on the site. Has anybody else got this problem or is it just me?
  14. planete

    Entire Males ?

    I completely agree with you Casso but when owners are unable to keep a dog under control I prefer them to be unable to contribute to the numbers of accidental litters ending up in rescue or dumped in ditches. I actually believe castrating can make a timid dog more aggressive. Human failings are the problem not dogs.