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  1. Hummm...King's advice is spot on IF the dog is a natural retriever. I have got one of those and I got him ball obsessed and it has really worked to keep him focused on me. My other two will retrieve the ball once or twice perfectly, then pick up the ball and run off with it next time. They don't seem to find balls as interesting as rabbits somehow and look at me as if I am daft to keep throwing the thing. i have tried getting them worked up about it, short throws, rewards, nada.
  2. I think the person who told you about Cushing's disease in dogs being treatable should have kept quiet as they did not know your dog's exact diagnosis. This is from a veterinary website: "In Cushing’s resulting from a tumour on the adrenal gland, a scan may be necessary to determine if the tumour is benign or malignant. Medication may also be given to treat this form of the disease, or surgery to remove the tumour may be possible if it hasn’t spread and your dog is healthy enough. Unfortunately, in some cases treatment may not be possible if the tumour has spread." It is very unli
  3. My lurchers are useless guard dogs. The fluffy terrier is a noisy, full on terror who would think nothing of attacking anything stepping on his territory!. No chance of anybody getting near our place without the terrier being in full cry.
  4. I have no clue to this one's breeding but I have often wondered whether she is a collie saluki. She has endless stamina, is far too clever and loves rabbits but definitely knows best and will stick two fingers if she decides you are being thick.
  5. https://www.deerstalkinguk.com/magazine/2017/06/01/dogs-for-deer-tracking/ The British Deer Society also run deer tracking courses leading to qualifications. I trail live deer with my lurchers strictly on an amateur basis as part of wild life watching and they find nearly every time we go out. I keep mine on a long lead while tracking. A dog whose natural quarry would be deer seems to avoid being distracted by other scents and to stick to the trail best. My best one is a saluki cross bitch with a very high prey drive ( a nutter really!). But I am sure some more professional people th
  6. Have a look at their Facebook page, click on About (top left), there is an email address there. In my experience, they will try and rehome a dog to fit in with your family. People lying about their circumstances are taking the chance they will end up with an unsuitable dog who will then have to be rehomed again. What no rescue will do is place a very boisterous, nervous or nippy dog with children so best not to get too keen on a particular dog who may not be good with kids or one who has separation anxiety if you work full time for instance.
  7. No, i would not, but I do not think women were really to blame. If they had known, I do not think any of them would have decided to take the stuff. Big pharma offers you a supposedly safe tested way to stop feeling like hell, how many would say no? It is easy to be wise after the event. A lifetime of heartbreak and regret is not something anybody would choose.
  8. I have one bitch with multiple allergies now treated with Apoquel as immunotherapy was no longer working. She was horrendously itchy without treatment and had to wear a cone all the time to stop her tearing herself up, she is fine now on the Apoquel. As your pup is not itching it might not be allergies. If the new vet cannot find anything I would give him a chance and see if he comes right after a good while on decent food plus an effective worming programme.
  9. Just came across this and thought some of you might be interested: https://www.(!64.56:886/chriswalksuk/ (you do not need to do FB to view)
  10. The one dog I knew in the (very) old days who killed by holding onto the throat until the prey was dead was a greyhound/saluki x pure whippet. He would grab a hock and lame the animal enough to slow it down then brought it down by grabbing the neck. The only marks he left were four canine holes in his prey's neck. I have no idea whether he had inherited this killing behaviour or whether he passed it on and the owner is no longer around to ask. This was before the fashion for bull blood and he definitely had no bull in him. He was 25" and 24kg and never took anything larger than a roe buc
  11. I agree with you about the whippet x telling the pup off up to a point but I now muzzle my intolerant male whippet x saluki around pups as he reacts exactly the same as yours. He has however occasionally drawn blood where a canine has hit the pup 'by mistake' and split the skin (no actual bite). He probably would not damage a pup seriously but I will no longer take the chance it might escalate. I know what his jaws can do.
  12. Mine eat plenty of vegetable matter picking up rabbit and deer droppings!
  13. Females need a certain amount of fat in their bodies for the reproductive system to work properly. Being ultra fit and lean can stop periods in women athletes.
  14. I am also surprised by how slow and tentative the hounds are. I have seen a fox caught by running hounds, one second it was there, the next it was in pieces! We may disagree with her, but you can't beat her for sheer guts. May make your blood boil but still awesome!
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