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  1. View Advert Pigeon Decoying Full set up I have for sale a full pigeon set up. It consists of: - 24 plastic pigeon decoys (only 16 stakes, come with bag) - 1 swivel bucket seat - 1 Clear View Hide net - 1 cam net - 4 extendable sturdy hide poles with hooks and foot plates (come with bag) - 1 rotary pigeon decoy consisting of: - 1 battery (no charger) - 2 foam pigeons - 1 heavy duty anti swivel floor spike - 2 adjustable height arms - 1 pigeon mounting spike (for shot bird) I’d like £150 for
  2. Ladder/Larson trap? It's not always all about shooting...
  3. Buy a box of 50 of each, go down a range, field etc. And shoot at Captain Cardboard and his army of paper targets in groups of 5-10. Mark each target with the make of round and then measure each grouping. The tightest, most consistent round is the best one. I'm not telling you this to be awkward, but because each rifle, even of the same make, will favour different ammo. The key to this is to make sure conditions are the same. E.g always do 5 rounds groups, fire all rounds on the same day (heat, humitidy and wind all affect a round, some more than others), same distance, etc. On
  4. I zero at yards too - most of my shots are taken at -100yards. Means I can aim straight at the head and not have to worry about mil dot factors. I fire a CZ452 and stick RWS subs through it. Nobody seems to buy them from my local RFD and he stocks them by the bucket full because he can get hold of them. Best ammo through my rifle so far. Groupings at about 3/4 inch at yards is nice. I've started using American Snipers words. Aim for a shirt button and you might miss by an inch. Aim for the chest and you might miss by a foot. ?
  5. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pro-Shot-Proshot-Spear-Pointed-Cleaning/dp/B00B81NQNS This what you after?
  6. I've got a GDK one for sale. I dunno where you're located because I'm on my phone, but I've caught the problem foxes and am trying to shift it.
  7. I have for sale my pulsar N550. The package is good to go once added to the rifle and includes: - Pulsar N550 scope - Remote switch with velcro backing - T30 Customz IR torch (needs 18650 Li-ion batteries) - Quick release Weaver/Picatinny rail torch holder for the T30 - carry case for scope - original box and instructions Looking for £650 ono. Can post recorded and tracked at buyers cost.
  8. If there is a public right of way, you can put it in a slip and walk there on the right of way. Nothing illegal about that. As long as it is covered and travelling to an area of shooting, its fine. The only problem is if its not public access. My advice would be to not ask on here, but to actually contact your FEO.
  9. Rant rant rant! Always nice when your post gets removed WITH an explanation of why! I get it if something was wrong, would just be nice to know what it was that I did so I can avoid it again... Rant over... I guess....
  10. . Il have to bb what method of payment do you takePaypal mate. You can post cash too if you want mate. Currently got yellow, Red, olive green, dark green, black. Drop me a pm.
  11. Im currently making them from paracord. Rot proof. Bright colours so you can see them. Strong. Fold up nice and tight. Ten per carrier. £7 or two for a £12 mate - p&p included. Sold quite a few on here and use them myself.
  12. Im only over the border in Oxfordshire and my license was through barely 3 weeks after posting. The cheque was cashed and I saw my FEO about a week later when he phoned me. License for both FAC and SGC was through in a week or so later.
  13. At one point I used CCI minimags for bunnies in my CZ452 but they were hard to get around me so I started using RWS which group even tighter so I now only use those. The CCI 1600 fps are only for foxes for me (if I was going to use supersonic on rabbits, I'd just buy a .17HMR). I've had 4 foxes on a night out lamping bunnies now. Like I said. I simply load a 5 shot mag with them just in case and swap the mags over if I catch one in the lamp. I have it quite lucky though because the RWS and the segmented zero the same with a drop difference of about an inch at 50-60 yards.
  14. Are they the 1400 fps ones? Copper? Super sonic? I have a couple of boxes of the 1600 fps ones and always load one mag of 5 on a shooting trip in case I get a charlie in the lamp.
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