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  1. A pump action shotgun is different from a semi auto, the pump action is operated by YOU so of course it will recycle any cartridge, a semi auto is operated by pressure from the load you are using, that is why some semis don't operate with loads of say less 28grm simply because there aint enough pressure from them to recycle the next shot.
  2. I remember 35 odd years ago my Dad had a Savage 16 shot (tube magazine) semi auto .22lr with open sights back then a scope was hardly heard off
  3. Cedric, I doubt that scope IS buggered mate, you definitely couldn,t rely on it when your shooting at live quarry. For the sake of less than £100 (As Deker just pointed out) you,d be better replacing it.
  4. And I didn't say a wee dopey cheap scope, I said you don't have to spend £500. And I am telling you that is the case anyway! There are loads of scopes available for way under £500 that work just fine in the field, and in many cases on the range, on a rimfire or centrefire. None of these below have fallen apart, lost zero, broken, gone milky or become unusable in the dark, and I have never had to refuse a shot because of the scope. CentrefireGroupx.jpg .223, .243, and .308 The most expensive here is way under £100 and they all work, the .223 scope is still available from JSR for £47,( http://www.jsramsbottom.com/products/riflescopes-jsr-optics/jsr41644-jsr-target-4-16x44-px-adj-mil-dot-riflescope.html ) it achieved a 10 shot string of 8 V Bulls and 2 Bulls at 600 yards at Bisley with a new shooter and a development load, he also admitted it should have been 10 V Bulls but he didn't pay enough attention to the flags. This historical bull about NEEDING to spend as much on the scope as the gun is bull, by all means spend that or more if you feel inclined, but let nobody tell you it is essential. OK point taken, if they work then fair play, cheers
  5. A mate of mine (whom I will call Joe from now on for obvious reasons) and his wife split up a year ago and Joe was a keen shooter. He moved into a mobile home to live and sent his F.A.C. away to get his address changed. Many people said he had no chance but he said he would give it a go and see. 3 odd weeks later his F.A.C. dropped through the door and Joe was delighted. The following week he got a phone call from his FAO to say he was coming out to inspect his gun cabinet .Anyway on the day of visit sure enough out came the FAO and realising Joe lived in a mobile home he said, Did you not know you wern,t supposed to have guns in a caravan. Joe replied, This is not a caravan this is a mobile home and my permanent place of residence. Im not so sure bout this 1 said the FAO but let me see your cabinet anyway. Joe had the cabinet bolted to the inside of a built in wardrobe but the FAO was having none off it. We went through a few options and came up with putting a sheet of 3mm steel plate on the other side of the wall ie in the other bedroom, drill and bolt through the steel, wall and into the back of the cabinet. The FAO said OK and gave us a couple of days and he would be back. 2 days later and out he come. Inspected the job and was well impressed. He said cabinets rawl bolted to block walls can be jemmy bar off but no one could jemmy 10mm round head bolts through a sheet of 3mm steel and passed the job as successful. Joe is now living in his mobile home with his F.A.C. all legal and approved. So don't give up lads, where there is a will there is a way.
  6. Hi Deker, I didn't say you had to spend £500 on a scope for a rimfire, I was talking for the likes of a cheap centrefire. You could probably buy a new Howa .223 for little more than £500 so don't be telling me that it is fine to put a wee dopey cheap scope on it because the 1st dozen or so rounds through it and the scope would be in joogings
  7. Certainly a good job mate, if you have correct tools to do the job why not, aslong as it is up to spec
  8. Cheers Celticrusader will do. I once heard it say that to get the best out of any rifle you need to spend the same money on a scope as you did the rifle ie rifle £500 scope £500 and it has a lot of truth about it
  9. Oh toasty that is not very nice 35 posts on here and talking like that
  10. I always found gun cabinets to be very cramped for what they were supposed to hold ie a 3 gun cabinet would hold 3 guns but it would be a tight squeeze, not good for expensive guns. The cabinet I have at the minute is a 5 gun, I have 2 semi auto shotguns and a scoped rifle in it and I still have to be careful when taking them out, as Iksopener said always get a bigger cabinet for the guns you have.
  11. Hi Celticrusader, the scope certainly wasn,t an expensive 1, I bought the whole set up " 452 American, scope and moderator" all brand new for £450 so I reckon scope was in round £50. It is an Optic richter, 3-9x40. It is spot on now but as Coypu Hunter said, I,ll be checking zeroing before I go out from now on
  12. Last few times I had rifle out it was spot on at 100yds, talking rabbits regulary, I reckon the scope has got a knock in back of van recently
  13. I took the .22lr out today to see what was about and got a couple of shots at rabbits bout 100yds away. Both times I could see the round striking the ground just above the rabbit. This annoyed me so when I went home I set up a paper bisley target (5 small targets inside it) at 100 yds, got the bipod fitted and lay down behind the rifle and took 1 shot at each of the 5 small targets. On inspecting the targets each round had struck 3" high and 1/2" to the left. I took the covers off the sight and it said 1 click equalled 1/4". 12 clicks down and 2 clicks to the right and I tried another 5 rounds. 4 of the 5 rounds were bout 1/2" off dead centre and 1 flyer,(my fault). Just shows how manufacturers have made it simple for us
  14. Now you have learned by your mistakes, trade it in against something that DOES fit. If it don't fit you cant expect high scores, good luck
  15. Yip, celtic crusader you are probably closest to the answer, nature always throws up surprises
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