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  1. Liam, have you got a long list of people interested in pups? Would you be happy to chat on phone? Atb
  2. Hey mate, sorry for the message out of nowhere but I’m hoping you might be able to help point me in the right direction. Seen a good few people on here recommend you as someone who’s in the know. 

    I’ve just had to have my collie-grey x whippet-collie put down with cancer at 11 years. Now really keen to line up a pup from good working stock to be a bit of an all rounder. Not bothered too much about size and mix but would like a bitch that’s not got too much bull (if any at all) in her. 

    I’d be mega grateful for any advice you might have or if you know of anyone I should be talking to. 

    Sorry for being a bit necky but it’s proper rubbish being without a good dog. Cheers 👍

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    2. colliejohn


       To be honest looking at your dog I’d say there’s more Greyhound unit than Collie it’s got Greyhounds feet it’s long in the body I’d say it’s more like a 5/8,s 3/8,s Geoff’s brindle bitch I believe was out of Typps Arri which was a first cross back to. Damson which was out of Kev Rowlands stuff .Regards Collie John. My number is+447895863556 if you fancy a chat mate.

    3. Rabbiting man

      Rabbiting man

      I give you a ring later when I've finished work 

    4. colliejohn
  3. .....oh yeah, sorry I forgot to mention....I agree that its probably not a good idea to talk the homing centre about working the dog. I didn't, but instead said how I wanted a dog to come running with me who could keep up . They were well happy with that an agreed that a lurcher would be a good fit!
  4. I got mine from a rescue centre up North. She was found stray in Ireland approx 9 mnths old picked up by a well known dog charity and brought over here. Best £ I ever spent! Game for anything, lamped with her in the first 6 months I had her and she was a natural. Great day time dog as well, always thinking although it does mean I have to be 2 steps ahead of her when I am on land w/o permission just walking. Not sure what mix she is (probably Grey/Whippet x Collie) but would appreciate any ideas (when I work out how to put a picture on here). Now 3 and has never given any indication of a difficult past. Brilliant hunting dog but causes a few funny looks when she comes with me on a local shoot day.....but picks up a lot better than some badly trained fat lab, and runners don't stand a chance. At the end of the day, its probably worth taking the punt as long as you aren't planning to make a living off it....
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