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  1. Got a springer lab cross pup 8 months old he is retrieving well very steady will wait til I send him on.I am new to gundog training what age do you try them on dead game say rabbit are pigeon.
  2. Out tonight with the new ruger 10 22 Lethal bit of kit for the rabbits 4 shots 4 rabbits not bad be able to keep the freezer full now ferrets will be happy
  3. Bring them to the game fair sell them put them n gum tree keep a couple should get rid of them eventually my head will be done in lol think I'll keep 21st bring to vets get sorted for next year no more kits for a while
  4. Two of my hills had kits last night albino had 13 have not checked how many the polecat has she's a bit nippy a third litter due soon hands full
  5. Thanks for all the advice get at the targets now and get sorted before i go out to shoot some ferret food cheers
  6. Just got a ruger 10 22 can anyone tell me best brand of rounds for this gun cheers
  7. Do my nets 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,16,16,16,16,16,15,14,13,12,11,10. Good rabbit catcher handy size.2 inch mesh.
  8. Cheers for the reply chaps good advice
  9. My jill had 12 kits a week old yesterday can anyone tell me what age they open eyes cheers.also what age can you start handling them never bred kits before.
  10. Does anyone know can you pick up mark one collar with mk3m box as someone told me you could.Just want to make sure before I buy.
  11. just bought two pups this cross dearhound+grey and colie+grey brother and sister the dog has smooth coat and bitch is rough 12 weeks old didnt know much about this breeding just like the look of them
  12. came across young rabbits a couple of weeks back and had a few with young in them the season is over for me
  13. ill stick to the mark3 never mind the peace of bramble and the waiting around to cold for that freeze your balls off lol
  14. mark3m is brilliant and actually very easy to use once you get your head round it think some people dont give it a proper chance i would never go back to mark1.play about with it first before you bring it near the field get to grips with it saves you getting in a mood and going back to mark one.
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