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  1. It's water and flavourings. Stops it drying out, gives it a juicy texture. Won't hurt ya...lot more water in supermarkets bacon...
  2. Same can be said about most journalism... CMW included Believe what you want to believe based on experience and evidence.
  3. Well done Kev...got the lot this one....lol
  4. I'll be honest Jok, tonight is the 1st time I've heard it, I know for a fact that Scotland has the most tolerant right to roam and access law's in the UK but, never heard of that applying to fishing until tonight...
  5. I paddled down it a few years ago, beautiful river. Quite shallow and clear in places but plenty of places to tie off and chill for a bit. As far as a royal decree north of the border...there's a few salmon rivers I'd imagine that would be hotly debated!
  6. Montaine, Lowe alpine and rab all do decent headgear. The Lowe alpine mountain hat takes some beating. Not sure about sizes on them all but the Lowe alpine comes up snug
  7. The internet is not the problem. It's the arseholes that think it's real life.
  8. Peru, trekking up an old inca trail to macchu pichuu. 1st time for a trip like that for me, fingers crossed i shift a couple of stone in the next six months so i ain't blowing out me arse for 10 days
  9. jonah.

    New layout

    pages are slow loading , only when i'm trying to jump pages though. one thing i am missing though is the ability to jump to 1st unread post on a topic if i'm going back to it after its grown by a few pages, am i i missing something?
  10. Hats off to you Kev, that'll make a big difference to lots of families. Well done mate.
  11. Not quite chip paper yet, field sports channel covered the piece, complete with Si's close up. He's got my vote mind, saw my 1st red back in June in the lakes. Beautiful creatures. My mutts are mad for the greys , and I'll keep encouraging em as long as I've a hole up my ass.
  12. Changed your tune from saying it's used as a form of contraceptionRegardless , the original post wasn't to provoke discussion , it was to instigate agitation in people and gets their backs up. It was obvious In the flippant way you posted . Im also sure their has been this exact thread recently which ended in Francie going off on one . In sure when he joins you'll latch on to his point of view to try back up your points. Only difference is he has religeon as his reason for thinking. You just wanted to piss people off for fun oh no lots of women use it as contraception.i imagine most aborti
  13. Never appealed to me. I like walking my own path, not a a designated points path.
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