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  1. john t

    purse net makers tyne and wear?

    Aye Steve thats his user name, Netmaker! I've pmd you his phone number mate
  2. john t

    purse net makers tyne and wear?

    Can recommend Netmaker [Paul], he lives in Consett, makes a cracking net at a good price!
  3. want putting on the fire,them roots mate..and save yourself some graft by weed killing the rest off, only takes one bit of root left in the ground,and youve got a new plant set away.{couch grass}
  4. john t

    Magpies at this time of the year

    help nature out, by killing as many as you can! one of the biggest takers of song birds there is..
  5. john t

    Spun Poly Longnets

    Contact Netmaker he did me a few spun polly stop nets, they were spot on! Would think he'd be able to sort you out mate
  6. Big thanks to Netmaker, just picked up some spun poly nets from him this afternoon! Well made,good price and a cracking lad to deal with, would recommend his nets to anyone!!
  7. john t

    D Lloyd Lamps

    To be fair on this if you ordered it this morning and he posted it dinner time first class and Royal mail did not deliver it till Friday that would not be his fault would it? He has done everything in his power to make sure you have the lamp ASAP. The problems arise when Snail Mail do not do the job they are paid for. All a seller can do is expedite an order ASAP, once posted it is out of his hands unfortunately. It really pi$$es me off when a seller does all that he can to make sure you get your product in the shortest time possible, only to be let down by a substandard service by a third party. Rant over. TC Whey on this occasion Royal mail were spot on! And as you say, it would'int be his fault if they did'int deliver till Friday!! So once again cheers D Lloyd
  8. john t

    D Lloyd Lamps

    Just like to say a big thanks to D Lloyd, as has been said he's a cracking lad to deal with. Ordered a 120 lamp he posted it yesterday and i got it today, cracking service. Cheers mate
  9. john t


    I got one off Leeview last week, like torchey says he's spot on to deal with,and a cracking job as well.
  10. john t

    Need Advice

    like gnasher says just to get them though the moult
  11. john t

    Full Set Up For Sale

    hi mick sent you a pm mate.send me ya phone number and i'll give ya a ring.
  12. john t

    Deerhound x Whippets

    Lurchers! Aye mate a snip at 50 quid,couldint believe my luck,did mainly ferreting and daytime mooching...think he would have been a smasher in the reet hands plus he picked up a bad injury at 31\2yrs fractured a vertabra in his neck still picks up the odd rabbit now though even in retirerment! your right about the size 25tts i got the last pup of the litter.were they all smooth brindles? can still remember the dam what a cracker she looked broken coated brindle and your kennels mate great set up! atb mate
  13. john t

    Deerhound x Whippets

    lurchers if your from binchester i bought one of those pups of you the back end of 2001 still got him know
  14. john t


    hi antg i ll give you £ for it! you could drop it off at mine when your passing in your nissan pickup???